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Gene Key 40, The Will to Surrender: The Dragon Healer gene keys gene keys 40 gene keys blog gene keys coach Feb 16, 2022

Gene Key 40, The Will to Surrender: The Dragon Healer


I have contemplated Gene Key 40 many times over the years.  Originally very reluctantly as my sacral said yes to Gene Keys & yet my mind fought every step of the way for the first year.


Contemplating it yet again I heard it from a different place, as is always the case, and it brought me to tears.


I said to my clients this morning “Go into this journey of Human Design & Gene Keys as a beginner &...

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The Venus Sequence & Manifestation gene keys gene keys & manifestation gene keys guide gene keys venus sequence Jan 29, 2022

I often have clients come to me looking for Gene Keys (or even Human Design for that matter) to be used as a form of manifestation.  Neither include anything to do with manifestation or any tools to “manifest” an ego created reality. 

Richard Rudd said: 

“The Gene Keys do not offer any such techniques for manifestation- it is unlikely that we as humans know what is good for us in the first place! What we do learn from this wisdom is that you always get exactly...

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Every Intentional Act Is a Magical Act gene keys gene keys guide richard rudd richard rudd quotes Dec 20, 2021

A profound quote with the power to change your perspective on life itself.  This is from Richard Rudd of Gene Keys:

“Every intentional act is a magical act.”  Even the smallest action has a spin-off effect that travels out into the universe. Actions made out of resentment or fear reinforce the Shadow frequency both in the world and in the individual. Indifferent acts reinforce indifference, whereas acts done in joy or service create more joy.”




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