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Relating With Awareness in Business & Partnerships (Bg5/ Human Design) bg5 human design penta bg5 women's leadership Apr 15, 2022

In this article we'll be taking a look at relating with awareness. 



Functional relationships are at the core of what makes businesses & partnerships work and what allows us to thrive within teams, businesses, & organizations. 

What Human Design & BG5 opens us up to is relating with awareness, which is an understanding of the unspoken energy dynamics on a given team or partnership.  While I do not believe certain dynamics fundamentally means a...

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The BEST Hack to Embody Your Human Design bg5 business by human design embodying your human design human design Feb 20, 2022

Are you ready to Leverage your Human Design to sales?

1)Make sure to jump into my FREE 3 day event, happening the 21st, 22nd, & 23rd (link in bio).


2)Change in your business has very little to do with what you are doing- it comes from who you are being.


The reality is that even your fitness comes down to who you are being, before you even start.


For example, do your current identities & beliefs look like:


I am someone who hates eating healthy.

I am...

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Gate 45 Human Design: The Natural Alpha bg5 business by design business by human design gate 45 gate 45 human design leadership in human design Jan 30, 2022

Have you ever noticed that every business/ team/ organization naturally has someone that steps up & takes charge or someone that others naturally look to for leadership?


Before I found Human Design I would always be that person, not because I wanted to but because I felt I HAD to.  I will never forget that in my Masters in ALL the group work I would feel obligated to step up & organize meetings, everyone's role in the project, etc.  This not only left me frustrated...

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