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The Benefits of Slowing Down #abundanceandhumandesign #abundanceinbusinesshumandesign #alignedbusiness #alignedstrategy #hoslitichealing #humandesign #inneralignment #profoundhealing #spiritjunkie #spiritualawakening #spiritualblog #spiritualbossbabe #spiritualgrowth #spirituality Jun 27, 2022


The body never lies…. The problem is are we listening? 

And I trust, as adults, we can see how when used supportively, or when correct, things like IV therapy, melatonin, etc is not inherently negative.

What I am addressing is the use of external “things” to try & repair the inner bleed that only slowing down & listening can repair. 

IV therapy to avoid slowing down & addressing stress in the body which is causing a GI tract which is unable...

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