to Elite Human Design Consulting, a grand synthesis to support you in stepping off the hamster wheel & into the true higher purpose of your life.

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“Your best bet for success lies in building on who you already are, not trying to become someone you’re not.”


 A great evolutionary change.


We are in the middle of a great evolutionary change, one which is requiring us to take greater ownership than ever of our uniquely differentiated self, shadows, & wound imprints that come with our unique experience on this plane.

As we take the time to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, while accepting and embracing our shadow patterns, we begin the process of a deep transformation within the very core of our being.

Ra Uru Hu: "There’s something very important in the illusion. It’s one of the basic things that I teach. I teach human beings to become their own authority in the illusion. And to become your own authority in the illusion is so you can express the differentiation of your purpose on your cross. Going on and on about how we are unique, you have no choice, you are unique, love yourself, my little verbal mantra, my sound byte. Everything about the illusion, in order for the passenger to begin a process of seeing it all begins with recognizing uniqueness. To say the word and to understand the word is not the same as true realization of what uniqueness means."

This path of differentiation is available to anyone who has the courage, focus, and will to turn within…

The courage to step off the hamster wheel of the life you thought you wanted, and rediscover who you truly are.

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I'm Ashley.
BG5 Business Consultant & Self Development Strategist

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"We all have mental stories about how we cannot be ourselves" ~ Ashley Eve



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A revolutionary self paced course to help you refine your brand message, show up more authentically, & increase visibility with the RIGHT people...

  • Month 1: Dive into the depths of Powerful Positioning.  Be prepared to pull back the layers of "should", & expose the BRAND you are meant to create.
  • Month 2: Based on *ALIGNED* positioning build out your products & pathways for your qualified (dream) clients that gets you paid for what you are best at!
  • Month 3: Learn how you are built to sell, using BG5 (Human Design) & aligned positioning for your *offers*!
  • For February & March receive 2 live zoom Q & A's for support!
" This course is also really challenging me... incredible revelations and peeling off a lot of layers of bullshit to get to the really, really good stuff.
Ashley Briana Eve, you have an incredible gift for guiding someone to bring out the best in herself. Your inquiries are deep and thoughtful AND they never lose sight of the purpose/big picture. It's quite an artform you've created and I'm so grateful to be on the receiving end"
~ Cohort 2 Client, Amber K
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Let Others Inspire You.

"Let me illuminate for you this one art form that I believe only Ashley Briana Eve can do.

Only Ashley can tell you something but somehow you feel like she didn't tell you to do anything at all.

Somehow you feel like it was completely your idea (even though she just said it) because it WAS your idea.  She simply reflected it back so that you could hear yourself.

 And that's why you will implement.

Somehow Ashley has this unique art form of creating an environment and giving you the tools such that you can now go DO what you need to do.

I have honestly never seen anyone do this, and I don't think I'm going to".

Lopa of Awaken Purandhri

"This pure Generator just gets me going! Ashley knows how to light my fire.  I have never been so fulfilled, so happy, so in my element, so creative, so lit up. I can't remember the last time I made this much money. The formula is not what they say it is. You have your own unique formula & no one has brought this out more in me than Ashley.  You need to get inside her programs.  Trust me!

She is one of the only people that I will continue to work with.  She finds out about YOU & what YOU want & how YOU operate. She doesn't fit you into a box, she doesn't tell you what to do based on some ridiculous formula.  She guides you back to you.  Never have I felt more free, never have I felt more alive never have I felt so fulfilled AND on mission with my purpose.

A lot of people struggle with this for so long, I did as well. Ashley is your girl for all things business.

My life has transformed because of Ashley. I  get moved to tears when I think about her because she cares about me & there are so many people in this journey who didn't.  They just saw me as a dollar sign & cared about my money, they just told me to do things that weren't right for me- Not Ashley.  

Ashley has a heart of gold & I am just so honoured to be in her world."

Ashley Vincent, Ashley's Light Shop

“If you’re a high level entrepreneur or business looking for the best support to help you optimize your team and scale your opportunity for profits - Ashley is your only choice.

She is leading the way when it comes to advanced, integrity based human design training and consultancy and is paving the way for so many business owners, professionals, and athletes to succeed.

As a Positive Psychologist and CEO of a multi million dollar online training company myself, with a 30+ person staff, and a close knit and highly curated leadership team I am committed to creating high performance and not just optimizing, but weaponizing our human capital so we can scale our company faster and help more people in the world.

That’s why I hired Ash to support our team to gain clarity around our best styles of leading, communicating, and working together so we can leverage her expert knowledge and support to help us grow. 

Whether you are an individual or a team you’re getting left behind if you don’t do this work.

Thinking about taking a course, hiring her as a coach or bringing her in to work closely with your team like I did? Do it - your people, profits, and purpose will thank you for it.”  


Niyc Pidgeon, Founder of Unstoppable Success, Creator of The Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification, Award Winning Positive Psychologist, & Hay House Author.
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The Positive Value of the Not Self (Human Design/ BG5)

Feb 19, 2024

The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul

Jan 30, 2024

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