To a new golden standard for how good life & business gets to be....

breathe in the fresh air.

Welcome, to a new way of being!

First things first..


Welcome to sacred/rebel, a visionary new approach to "purpose" & spiritual awakening, beyond the loop-de-loop of fixing, striving, & chasing.

Here, we breathe life into passenger consciousness, unwinding the conditioning + "should's" weighing you down.  I welcome you into a revolutionary grand synthesis of practical, as well as esoteric, wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.

Like a precious treasure map, here you are welcomed into slowing down so that you can go on a journey of self discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life.

Voyagers tend to find me here when they have met the void.  A place where they have heard their soul whispering that something if off + where they can begin to sense they are not where they are meant to be.  Now, here, you are given a choice.  To stay in the comfortable known or choose higher service.

May these words be fresh air and deep cleansing breaths in all the right places. 

May you feel the release of your belly & shoulders as you breathe life into the realization that there is a place beyond the fixing, seeking, & chasing "perfection".

May you enjoy the deliciousness of coming home to the power of your inner authority & a home that supports you in simply being you. 

Ways to Get Started

“You have one job in this life. To be yourself.”


Ashley Briana Eve


My story...


I mentor the seasoned, the rebels, the high flyers, & recovering adrenaline junkies ready to redefine success & prosperity.  Those ready to slow down & sip on the golden nectar of life. Those ready to unlock their higher purpose not by chasing but by being.


I am completely and excitedly devoted to the discovery of how good it can be when we loosen our grip on the shore & surrender.


I’m also devoted to telling the honest, freeing truth about what it means to be be human on this journey.

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