I am a BG5 Brand Strategist helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs create a clear, consistent, cohesive BRAND that gets them paid for what they are best at.

I am the one the professionals go to when they are looking to turn their expertise into money.

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BG5 Business Consultant + BRAND Strategist


Ever wonder what would happen if you got clear within your personal brand?


What it would feel like if you could lie your head on your pillow at night knowing you are working towards the vision you have for your BRAND, with strategy in place so that your BRAND does the heavy lifting for you (aka more freedom, sweet freedom, over time)?


If that sounds like you, this is the place.


Ashley is a world leading BG5 Business Consultant and BRAND strategist who provides fluff-free, practical, outcome-based coaching & consulting for established personal brands ready to get off the hamster wheel & have their BRAND work for *them*.


Ashley's gift is helping multi-dimensional entrepreneurs find their "golden thread", articulating their ideas & strengths in a way that resonates with ideal clients so that they can get paid for what they are best at.


Using her "BRAND You Blueprint" Ashley provides you with all the pillars you need, which can be implemented immediately, which allow you to stand out in your niche with a sustainable (and scalable) BRAND that gets you paid for what you are best at.


Ashley believes that your success lies in leveraging what we are best at, rather than trying to shore up your weaknesses, and uses BG5 to help you articulate what makes your BRAND different in your niche.


It's time to leverage your unique genius in a way that gets you paid & gives you back your time.


At Elite Human Design Consulting we offer support & consulting to help you realize your dreams....




Coaching & Consulting


Some people refer to my approach as ‚Äúalignment & asskickery‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ

Wanna know why? 

My coaching style is direct & to the point. I work with busy professionals who appreciate a direct, straightforward, approach so that they can apply the strategy immediately within their BRAND.

Due to this I work best with the entrepreneur who has big dreams & the determination to take action NOW (while staying the course when things get hard).

Now, why me and not someone else trained by the BG5 Institute?

I fill a gap no-one else can fill.  

Not only am I trained by the BG5 Institute, as well as the IHDS, but I have been building BRANDS since I was 12 years old when I started a charity to raise money for planting trees.

Since then I have built multiple successful brands & businesses in multiple industries, not just gaining knowledge but experience in what it takes to succeed in today’s climate.

Now?  Well, I focus on helping GOOD people like you put words to their BRAND in a way that gets them paid for what they are best at.

My methods are borne out of specialized training, ongoing research, collaborations with reputable mentors and thought-leaders, success stories from supporting thousands of people worldwide, and invaluable insights from my personal and professional journeys. 

I believe that your business gets to be based on your unique strengths, and I believe that you are the niche... 

So let's get to work, shall we!?



I live in Ontario, Canada, with my husband, 2 adopted dogs, Julia & Alaska, & our hobby farm of animals!  I also run a small business of heritage & "fancy" chickens!

For fun, in my free time, I study Copywriting, branding, & marketing as a particular area of interest, which then of course bleeds over in to my work with my clients!

I am also a student at the IHDS Differentiation Degree (Holistic Analyst) program, which is an asset to my long term work with clients on mindset, alignment, & illuminating self sabotage patterns.

My deepest desire is to make an impact on this world not just for you, your team, and your business, but for humanity, animals, & the future.

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