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Owning Our Emotions: Undefined & Defined Solar Plexus #bossbabeblog #emotionalhealth #emotionalintelligence #emotionalwavehumandesign #humandesignblog #humandesignpodcast #manifestationblog #manifestationpodcast #mindbodysoul #solarplexushealing #solarplexushumandesign #spiritualawakening #spiritualblog #spiritualpodcast Oct 26, 2020
Own your emotions; both undefined & defined emotional centres (solar plexus).
Taking radical responsibility for your emotions and your responses takes you out of being at effect to everyone around you, especially undefined centres, and the feeling of helplessness to being the “victim” to someone elses emotional wave.
When I first learned Human Design it was tempting to look at my hubby and say “Well, I am in a pissy mood because you are and now I am...
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