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BS in the Fitness Industry #fitnessblog #fitnesstips #glutebuilding #plantbasednutrition #veganfitness #weightlosstips Aug 22, 2020


The programming in the fitness industry is REAL. One thing my spiritual awakening has brought is so much more clarity on how and why the BS continues to thrive in the fitness industry. My understanding of Human Design has also further deepened it.
Now, I was NEVER one to buy into the crap in the industry. I always worked hard, counted calories and knew that stress & sleep were playing a role in my results…. Not when I ate my food or what food groups I ate.
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Top 5 Fat Loss Mistakes Holding You Back from PEAK PERFORMANCE! #bossbabetips #equestrianfitness #fitnesstips #manifestation #peakperformance #peakperformanceinbusiness #peakperformancestate #successcoaching #successmindsettips #tonyrobbins #weightlosstips Jul 15, 2020
Being in a peak performance state means having a body that is also in peak state.  We can't build a legacy, empire & badass business treating our body like a beater car!
In this replay from my Facebook live I talk about 5 weight loss mistakes!  
These are my top 5 Fat Loss Mistakes holding you back from your goals!!
In this replay from my Facebook live I discuss the top 5 Fat loss mistakes that are holding you back from your goals!
I go...
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