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Wealth Mindset & Holisitic Embodiment of Wealth #ashleybrianaeve #businessbyhumandesign #embodiedbusiness #embodiedleadership #embodyingyourhumandesign #genekeys #holisticwealth #humandesign #humandesign&business #humandesign&wealth #humandesignblog #wealthmindset Mar 28, 2022


Is an inside job that YOU must rise into.

Lead yourself into.

Follow up to my post on “Avoider Attachment Type” with money:

I believe that to truly be wealthy AND fulfilled it is a body job, nervous system job, AS WELL AS:

Embodying your Human Design

A mindset

Diet (nutrient deficiencies are linked to many things we term mental illness)

Emotional intelligence

All the things.

Holistic wealth.

Holistically thriving.

I am always cautious of any...

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