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Developing Emotional Intelligence During Spiritual Growth #abundanceandhumandesign #chakraalignment #emotionalhealing #emotionalintelligence #humandesign #humandesigncoach #humandesigncoaching #humandesignforbeginners #humandesigninbusiness #humandesignonlinecoaching #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowthinbusiness #spirituality Oct 26, 2020
Can you face the lower frequencies, both in yourself & others, without feeling you are above it or you need to fix it?
(An excerpt from my upcoming book!)
Every step you take into the light you take a step into the dark. In this spiritual community we are fed a steady diet of light and ascension. However, the more light you embody the more darkness you embody. The higher we ascend the lower we descend.
A spiritual awakening is not about rising higher, it is...
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