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Expectations vs Reality with Physique Goals #bootybuildingtips #fitnessblog #humandesignblog #manifestationblog #physiquecoach #plantbasednutrition Sep 10, 2020
Some tough fitness love. This is truly a must read, especially if you are frustrated about lack of results or feel you are owed faster results.
Let's do this:
Expectations vs reality.
First, I want to say you will NEVER hate your body thin. It won't happen.
Even at my heaviest, 2 years ago (not pictured), when I was depressed, medicated, an anxiety ball 24/7 despite anxiety meds (another talk for another day about anxiety meds....), etc I never hated my...
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You CAN Have it All #fitnessblog #fitnessgoals #manifestation #spiritualbusiness Sep 01, 2020
You can be spiritual AND want a badass bod.
If you are finding you are meeting resistance in speaking your TRUE physique goals dig a bit into that.
What are the beliefs you have about having the physique of your dreams?
🧜‍♀️ Maybe that is makes you shallow?
🧜‍♀️ That you should just be happy with where you are and you equate desiring change with meaning not loving yourself?
🧜‍♀️ That is just doesn't matter that much anyway, as a way to justify it away?
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BS in the Fitness Industry #fitnessblog #fitnesstips #glutebuilding #plantbasednutrition #veganfitness #weightlosstips Aug 22, 2020


The programming in the fitness industry is REAL. One thing my spiritual awakening has brought is so much more clarity on how and why the BS continues to thrive in the fitness industry. My understanding of Human Design has also further deepened it.
Now, I was NEVER one to buy into the crap in the industry. I always worked hard, counted calories and knew that stress & sleep were playing a role in my results…. Not when I ate my food or what food groups I ate.
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Are Carbs BAD!? #fitnessblog #nutritiontips #plantbasedrecipes #plantbasedweightloss #veganathletetraining #veganblog #weightlossblog Aug 16, 2020
Are carbs bad?
I am going to do a podcast on this to really allow myself to go deep into this. I am at the cottage with $hit Internet so recording and uploading a podcast is out of the question. It takes 4 hours for a post to load 🤣
But inevitably when I talk about carbs there are people who have bought into the fear mongering of carbs.
First, I just want to say: The media used to believe fats were bad. Protein has been targeted. Now it is carbs.
Keep in...
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