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Dancing with the Dark Goddess dark goddess divine feminine Feb 26, 2022

Patriarchy & masculinity are not synonymous. Female patriarchs can be just as domineering as men… Living in a patriarchal ethos that operates through control over themselves, others, & nature.

We are all the descendants of patriarchy & therefore we all have to take responsibility for this killer power shadow that would massacre all that is divine, and organic, in whatever form they manifest.

Further, the current spiritual realms & concepts of the feminine consciousness...

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Dark Goddess Rising: The Beauty Myth dark goddess divine feminine the beauty myth Feb 25, 2022

I look forward to getting older…

As the older I get the less I focus on how I look, fitting in, if I have the right colours, feed, or online approved goddess vibe…

And more into surrendering into my work that is so much greater than myself.

I no longer, and less by the day,

worry about you SEEING me,

as it isn’t about me,

but hearing me & the words that move through me.

Less about external validation & more about the legacy I am leaving for life times to come.


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