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Healing the Manifestor Attachment Trauma #alignedaction #alignedstrategy #healingthemanifestor #healingthenotself #humandesign #humandesign&bg5 #humandesign&relationships #humandesignblog #humandesignmanifestorinbusiness #manifestor #manifestorblog #manifestorlife #sacral&humandesign #sacralyes #thesacralyes Jul 15, 2022

Healing the Manifestor Attachment Trauma

After working with thousands of clients using Human Design, and everyone from families, children, youth, & adults within the mental health field as a counsellor I am really excited to finally be merging the two online.  This has been something I have been working on behind the scenes for some time to bring to life.

The major issue I have witnessed over & over again within the Human Design field is attempting to place more knowledge...

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