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What are you waiting for in Human Design? You are making the not self wait.  You are making the monkey mind wait so that you  can RECEIVE what is truly meant for you.  

So that you can be MOVED, a muse, in the way you are meant to be moved.

Notice when you go into mind consumption & when you are in the body receiving.

Notice when you go into the agendas of the mind & when you are being moved by something so much bigger than you.

Allow yourself to go to the EDGE...

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Aligning With Your 6 Figure Launch Using Human Design #6figurelaunch #badassbusinessbabe #humandesigncoach #humandesignguide badass business babe human design business coach human design coach Nov 11, 2020
There is no one right "strategy" to your first 6 figure launch, even when we pull apart the designs the question becomes:
How does it make you FEEL?
You can do everything "right" strategically and have a launch flop because you were operating from the not self of "I have to do this".
You can also have a 6 figure launch doing everything "wrong" because you simply believed, in every cell of your body & every fibre of your being that is was already yours.
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