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Building a Business is Similar to Dieting for a Competition #bossbabe #businesstips #equestrian #equestrianfitness #fitnesstips #humandesign #manifestation #veganathlete #veganbikinicompetitor Jul 15, 2020


✨ Some days you are on top of the world and others you wonder if anything you are doing is right.
✨ You need rest days or you burn out... And may cause injury. Sometimes you just need a MF deloading week.
✨ You will laugh and cry in the same day.
✨ More work doesn't necessarily mean better results.
✨ There are the cool kids and cool teams to be on, even if you don't do the program from...
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A New Zodiac?! #astrology #humandesign #manifestation #newzodiac #veganathlete Jul 15, 2020

Hey hey my friend!  I woke up to this news and couldn't wait to share because it really got me thinking!  While Human Design & Astrology provide the back drop of my coaching containers I am always coaching my clients into being their OWN authority and not turning over their authority to anyone, including Human Design. When I saw this information it really got me thinking about the IMPORTANCE of that!

So the question I have for you today is:
Are you SO sunk in to...
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