The Venus Sequence & Manifestation

Jan 29, 2022

I often have clients come to me looking for Gene Keys (or even Human Design for that matter) to be used as a form of manifestation.  Neither include anything to do with manifestation or any tools to “manifest” an ego created reality. 

Richard Rudd said: 

“The Gene Keys do not offer any such techniques for manifestation- it is unlikely that we as humans know what is good for us in the first place! What we do learn from this wisdom is that you always get exactly what you need when you need it.  The secret is not about asking for something in the future- it is about mining the full depth & splendour of what you already have in the present.”

We hear so much about “attractor fields” or being “super attractors”.  Your attractor field emerges out of the needs of your Dharma, your destiny.  It emerges from within, not from the mind.  Again, to really bring this point home:  


Although it may be possible to tinker with your attractor field, the things you think you want will probably not lead to fulfillment. Therefore, you may manifest the car, money, jet set lifestyle, and yet, are you actually fulfilled? 

Believe it or not many, and I am comfortable saying many, of the people you see celebrating big money & massive achievements online are unhappy in their business & not fulfilled with their lives.  I know because they reach out & I work with them on making adjustments to their business based on Human Design.  What your mind is trying to convince you will make you fulfilled likely isn’t it.

Our attractor field ripples out into the cosmos,  It emerges through our deepest desires.  As you learn to see inwardly into your own astral body, you will discover layer upon layer of desires, layers upon layers of conditioning based on what you THINK are your desires.  When we get down to the bottom, we will find the same thing- the longing to express our true nature as unconditional love. This doesn’t mean you cannot be prosperous, remember, your attractor field emerges out of the needs of your dharma.  If your destiny requires big money you will naturally be in a relationship with big money so that you can fulfill the needs of your dharma. 

Richard Rudd said:

“Few are the humans who commit themselves fully to this path- desires can be so wonderfully distracting!”

The Venus Stream invites you to explore the layers of wounding that cause us to break off from following this path by allowing ourselves to be distracted  by the outer drama of our lives.

Everything you attract towards yourself – all relationships, experiences and their timings – serve a single purpose – to offer you the possibility of expanding your capacity to love.

In the world we are in the best gift you can give yourself in resting your power in the bones of your core grounding.  If you have been considering a deep dive into your Gene Keys I welcome you into The Golden Path, my Human Design & Gene Keys membership.


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