Your Inner Authority is Not Emotional

Nov 22, 2022

Your monkey mind is an asshole & has no idea how to follow strategy & authority…

It thinks you don’t know enough, that you need to know more before ___, that you just need to prove yourself or know the right direction, it whispers at you to be careful you don’t trigger others emotional waves, to think about things that don’t matter, to be certain about things, hold on to things that are no longer good…

And like the devil on your shoulder it will convince you that you are following strategy & authority to satisfy all of the above.

The truth is: If you are not interrupting the programming & your conditioning by applying strategy & authority no higher level Human Design knowledge means ANYTHING because you will always be making decisions from the not self.

We are constantly resisting the truth of who we are endlessly spinning our wheels trying to fulfill the not self demands…

All while the life of your dreams has just been waiting for you to say YES to it.

Tips in following your inner authority in business:

✅ Strategy ALWAYS comes first- everything falls back on your aura & being aligned with your aura (See last slide).

The sacral is not a full body hell yes anymore than your car is a full body hell yes when it has the energy (gas) it needs to drive when you hit the gas pedal.

✅ No inner authority is making emotional/ excited/ amped up decisions.

✅ Learn to discern your energy & the energy you are taking in. For example: If you an undefined emotional centre around an emotional authority & they are excited, you may just amplify their emotions & make decisions from a place of identification with THEIR energy, not alignment.

✅ A trick I use with my mastermind & 1:1 clients: What is an area of life where decisions are SO easy? What is the gap that exists in how you apply it to business/ wealth?  Then we close it (and fast in my world!)!

✅ Develop a morning routine where you go in before you go out.  Begin to connect to your body & develop trust in your inner authority.

✅ Get comfortable in the discomfort.  Do things daily that challenge your comfort zone (could even be an ice bath).  Your inner authority does not give you comfortable decisions or even the easy path.  It gives you the CORRECT decisions that lead you down the correct paths.

✅ Hire a coach or mentor that isn’t afraid to call you out on the not self.  This is where I excel.  I help my clients recognize the not self patterns & we shift them in the NOW. 

How does this shift how you see your inner authority?





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