Leveraging Your Super Power as a Projector in 2023

Dec 15, 2022

"The Aura IS you." Ra Uru Hu

Projectors have a Dilemma

"The dilemma for the Projector is that because the Projector is new on this plane as a form type, they have a lot to learn. Having a lot to learn is a big story. It's a very big story.

This is the whole pressure now that is on Projectors that if they're not prepared, if they don't have the knowledge that is necessary for them, that they get steamrolled. They get rolled over by the energy forces that they've emerged out of. It’s sort of a nice bookend with the Reflector up there and the Projector down there, it really is. It’s this full movement, and in this full movement getting ready to complete this process.

So the better that Projectors are equipped to be able to articulate what they see in the other, what they see in a system, the system, any system is enormously important for the completion of this process.

Manifestors aren't interested, Generators are looking in on themselves, and if they're not-self, they don't see anything. So, there's a tremendous amount of pressure on the Projector as a force to guide beings.

When I say that, I don’t mean that personally. It’s an energy that’s in the world. It is a conditioning force in the world. So, the presence of Projector has already changed the way in which we look at things. That is, if you take a look at the way in which intellectually we've developed since 1781 that we’ve gone in two directions deeper and deeper and deeper inward and deeper outward. This is the result of the Projector.

The emergence of the Projector is also the emergence of the scientific revolution. It is the emergence of the modern world, not personal, if you want to pat yourself on the back you can." Ra Uru Hu

Projectors are the Most Complex Type

Projectors are very complex beings, with the most authorities & subtypes of all the designs.  This is why it is critical to not get caught up in bumper philosophies that tend to make their way around the internet, such as “Projectors are not here to work”.  If there is any design this is the most dangerous for, it is the Projector.

Being the “youngest” or “newest” of the Types, as you only started appearing on this planet in 1781, you are here for a very particular purpose.  Referred to as the Advisors in BG5, you are here to be the Guides. Recognizing what guidance and when by waiting for the invitation and checking with your Authority first, protects you from the deep bitterness that you experience when you attempt to initiate & are not seen & recognized for your gifts.  Now, “waiting for the invitation” is not passive, especially in business.  

A Projector’s Aura is the only one that penetrates into the core of the other, and in this way regularly exposes itself to the deepest kind of conditioning. Ra Uru Hu said the Manifesting Generator is most vulnerable to the “Manifestor Propaganda”, Reflectors are the most vulnerable to conditioning of the transit field, and you are the most at risk of conditioning from others aura.Within this functioning lies the source of your Projector gift - to recognize how energy should be used.

This gift, of course, can only become wisdom & be leveraged in business when you stop identifying with the energy you are taking in.


Projector Recognition is a Two-Way Street

This gift of Recognition moves in two directions. Not only are Projectors gifted with the ability to recognize, you are also given attributes that are designed to be recognized. There are quite literally “Projected” channels in the bodygraph which are strengths designed to be recognized by the other.

You are magnetic beings, designed to attract attention. It is the frequency of your Aura that draws someone who sees and recognizes you for the particular qualities you carry.  The double edged sword here is that for others to recognize you, you must recognize yourself.  A source of BIG frustration for many Projectors is that they are recognized no matter what, it simply isn’t in what they desire to be recognized in.

When you are operating correctly, you’ll be recognized  correctly and find success, your signature. How do you know when you are operating correctly?

The key for a Projector to find success in life is to have a mastery of a system. In Human Design, it is important for you to recognize the “signposts” or clues that you are either on or off your path to fulfillment.

Are you consistently feeling bitterness or success?

Bitterness is like the bumper lanes showing you that you are off path.

"If you are really a Projector, everybody, who ever gets to know you, at some level or another will resent the fact that you are good at it. Because if you really are a good projector, boy do you slide. Things just come your way. They are just there. Everybody else is struggling for this and that, and you are just, its just there. And you see, you don’t get that until you are 100% ready to see if it’s there.

It’s the most difficult thing about being a projector because you are so deeply conditioned, that’s its just so difficult to just let go and start from scratch. Because you got all this stuff that you are hooked on. And all of this stuff that you think, because you are very connected to the way in which life on the planet is organized. In other words you are designed to have a specific relationship to the other, to groups, all of those things. But of course you can never develop that as long as you are like them. As long as you are not what you are. Only when you are really ready to be a projector I mean really ready to be a projector will you see, that it is all there for you.

Otherwise you don’t get to slide, you don’t. You really don’t, and that’s what your life is about. You are not tied down by generating and manifesting. They have rule and their rules are heavy rules. They have their own trip. Its not who you are, you are here to recognize. If you look at the energy on the planet and the way the energy is used by the planet, everybody knows even a simpleton, there is something wrong. You don’t have to be a political scientist to understand that there is something wrong in the way that all of this is working.

…any idiot can figure that out. But the reality is that the only way energy will be organized is if it is organized by Projectors. That’s what projectors are for. The dilemma is that they are not like me. They are not Manifestors that say “pay attention or fuck off.” Because you can’t do that as a projector, you can’t, they will beat you up, they will hurt you. So don’t ever do that let Manifestors do that.

So the dilemma is that you actually have to wait for them. Think about it, because when you think about it, it’s really wild. You have to wait for them to ask you to beat them up. You know what I mean? You have to wait for them to invite you to be in charge. You have to wait for them to ask you to do this and that so that they can get their energy trip together. See that’s the difference.

I tried to give you a sense of how profound your aura is, how powerful your aura is but you have to see something about aura. Your aura communicates. It does, it communicates. It communicates essential things. It is communicating your design to the other being. So let’s say you are a projector that has some tribal activation and obviously there is a part of you that can guide the way energy works in those environments. It’s in your aura. Its not like you have to put your hand up in the air and say I have got the 40-37 and I am a Projector. Do not do that, it is there. And if they don’t pick it up. So what? They are never going to be for you. Remember again you can’t get into “I missed it,” business." Ra Uru Hu

The Super Powers of Each Main Subtype


Mental Projectors

Mental Projectors are deep thinkers with a deep well of knowledge about the body, with complete openness below the throat.  You have an incredible, almost super human capacity to take in large volumes of information and process it with ease. Especially if a 1st line this can lead to the trap of being a perpetual student without taking action on your dreams. 

Your ultimate journey in this life is leveraging your strengths in knowledge, systems, & concepts while trusting your own wisdom within your own body.  Where we are open we “go to school” in life.  To fully serve others in 2023 it is finding harmony between your strengths & wisdom.

In 2023 commit to being in the right environment, which is critically important to your alignment, success, & ease within business.  If you are in the wrong place it will FEEL like you are around the wrong people in business.  Settle into the right place first to ensure the rest flows.


Classic Projectors

The classic Projector has no energy centres defined (No root, ego, sacral, or solar plexus). This means that you do not have a defined motor and primarily get your energy through interactions with energy types, such as Generators and Manifestors. Due to your open energy centres you are incredibly wise on the correct use of energy & how to properly channel it for results.  What do you see for the future of your industry that no one else sees? This is something you can leverage in your marketing moving forward in 2023.  

In 2023 commit to being objective & selective about invitations you accept as you take in & amplify all energy centres.  


Energy Projectors

A powerful energy is available within you as you have 1 or more motors defined. When you are given the green light by someone recognizing you there is another gear available with incredible insight, productiveness, & guidance in connecting the big picture.  You can simply SEE things that others are not able to see, and with the energy to back it up, you are a force of nature.

In 2023 ensure you have strong boundaries around who has access to your energy.  Others will see your power and FEEL the energy you hold.  This can lead to attracting people that simply desire to use you for your energy.


“Projectors need to learn to be at peace with who they truly are.” ~ Ra Uru Hu

Are you a Projector? What was your biggest takeaway?





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