Branding Using Human Design

Mar 13, 2023

1st: Everyone SELL. Daily. That should go without saying.

Alright, there is not ONE way to leverage your design in stories, and I help my clients have multiple fun ways to say the same things in their brand (Yes, repetition is key)..

AND this is an amazing place to start to begin generating that vibey connection that says YOU, yes you, are their person.

Generators/ MGS: 

Ok, I do this ALL. THE. TIME.  It isn’t a coincidence that my community is made up of animal loving, change the world, rebel soul, revolutionaries.  I share what I am building in my business as well as the BIGGER vision.  I tie it all back to my brand & why it is relevant to YOU.  Even my sharing of Crossfit workouts ties into the brand… Badasses that aren’t afraid to work hard to achieve big goals.  It’s kinda the vibe.  

We (your audience) buy into what you are building & the movement you are creating, ready to say YES when you launch your offer.


What is your brand story & mission?  Your aura won’t do the talking for you so intentionally build community through allowing us to feel connected to your heart, innovations, & mission.  When you build excitement over what you are offering, and why you are passionate about it, we FEEL that & want in (aka don’t just drop shit on us!).  

We become obsessed with what you are bringing to the market that is different & fall in love with your creative spirit.


We want to feel seen & recognized by you!  Leverage your stories to help your audience feel seen & recognized in the VISION they hold & how you currently live it.  Use the daily aspects of your life to tie it back to your mastery & how it is relevant to others!  

When doing that we feel deeply seen in the vision we hold & your ability to guide us into living that vision! (Oh, and p.s- You must deeply see & recognize yourself first in the mastery or else we won’t… Don’t forget this part!)


Reflectors, first of all, we want to see your UNIQUENESS on full display!  Second, leverage your stories to bring us into your vision of a new way forward in your niche/ industry.  Paint the picture of what is possible & why YOU are the leader in that.  Tie your everyday life back to the vision you see & are working towards.  When you connect over shared visions people will be chomping at the bit to say YES to the movement you are creating!

Like I said, there are a TON of ways to leverage your design in stories & branding.  Instead of using stories as dead space or random pieces of info, leverage it as a space to create a powerful brand eco-system that ties everything back to your brand, it’s message, and the movement you are creating!




P.S- You Are The Brand Workshop info drops tomorrow!  This is the stuff that lights me up & that has been the underlying core message of my brand all along! I can’t wait to serve you in this space!

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