Brand Sphere Gene Keys & Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Nov 22, 2022

It isn’t about trying to manipulate or force the energy into what you THINK your brand or expression should be….

Or using Human Design or Gene Keys to get what you THINK you want. 

It is getting out of the damn way so your energy can FLOW & be expressed in the way your energy is meant to flow & be expressed. 

The work, the REAL WORK, is just getting out of the damn way. 

But the not self mind runs rampant with “If I DO release control & get out of the way _____….”

“Maybe the energy will go some place I don’t like”.

“Maybe it will do something that scares me”

“Maybe I will look like an idiot”

“Maybe I will trigger people”

“What if I can’t make money doing that?”

“Maybe my results won’t go how I want them to go”



The list, and ultimately excuses, are long.

And the truth is: I am exhausted with how Human Design/ Gene Keys  is very often being used.

It is no longer about passenger consciousness but more ways to attempt to control or force the energy/ results/ outcome. 

Surrender is long gone & it is more the energy of “Maybe I can manipulate my Bodygraph/ Hologenetic Profile to make my energy do what I want it to do because I have figured out the activations / planets/ lines so that I can now  control how things go even more”.

It’s exhausting.

Aren’t you exhausted trying to force it? Control it? Figure it all out as if the ego knows better than your soul/ God/ the Universe? 

Even how I teach (Ra teaches) selling through your openness it is ultimately about getting out of the way so that your openness can do what it is meant to do & attract who it is meant to attract!


Because even “control” is a bullshit illusion.

And the craziest part is that the mind lets us down over and over and over again.

The mind causes suffering over and over and over again…

Yet you go back.

This year has been a shit show at times. It has been one of the toughest years in business with hard challenges to face, between online & my personal training business. 

It has brought me to my KNEES at times…

So if, even a month ago, you had said I would be purchasing my dream property to round out the year I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. It wasn’t on my radar. My not self mind wanted to throw in the towel, not look at nearly million dollar properties. 

Yet, I constantly trust, go deeper, challenge myself to release just that much more…

And because of that things ALWAYS turn out better than they would have if I controlled them. 

A farm was in the 3 year plan (from now). Not the 1 month plan. 

But again, strategy & authority….


Ending the attachment to outcomes or results….

And truly trusting what my energy is meant to do and be rules all. 

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