Allow Your Business to be Boring to Scale

Aug 02, 2022

My biggest breakthrough was a truth I resisted for a long time & it was to let my business be boring.

And especially for soul led creators there can be a HUGE resistance to this…


It is my belief that this is why so many spiritual entrepreneurs are either:

  1. Burned out & exhausted with zero work life balance despite the amount of money they make.
  2. They aren’t making money because they are bouncing around from idea to idea with no long term plan.

Now, ease & flow sells…. Very easily.  It is why it is constantly being sold..


I am not saying you can’t have ease & flow, yet ease & flow typically flows FROM a long term plan, recurring income, and a business model that allows your nervous system to relax.

Going month to month is an addiction to the adrenaline rush, it is not ease & flow.

When working with clients in building off ramps to the hamster wheel the biggest question we look at is:

Is it currently working?

Is it sustainable?

Do you have harmony between important areas of life?

AND, a very important one, if something were to happen & you required months off of business would your business support you with recurring income & making money while you are off?

A vast majority of online entrepreneurs, and even brick & mortar businesses, will realize that if they stop the income stops.

So, my best advice:  Build a life, not just a business.  Allow your business to be a business and SUPPORT you.  Allow your business model to be boring, and get your shits & giggles from your life as well as, of course, through the programs/ services you do launch!  You will also have SO much more energy to show up powerfully if you aren’t burned out from launching 5 offers last month just to say you hit a 6 figure month.

Something incredible is coming up for Manifestors next.  I am tearing down my own business model & making it MORE scalable & boring…. But MORE exciting for the programs I do run!


Stay tuned!



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