Your Profile in Business Matters Most

Jun 13, 2023

What will ACTUALLY get your message heard & cause your bank account to grow ⏬

🧨 Do not pass go, do not collect $200 until you are showing up through the lens of your profile lines 🧨 

One of the most powerful transformations in my business (which led to my message ACTUALLY converting & my bank account growing) was ensuring everything I did was through my profile lines.

Of course, now it comes naturally but in the beginning it was a constant reminder as I was always trying to explain why I was the go to expert due to my foundations in BG5 that no one else had (1st line) or how I had out of the box solutions (5th line).

NOW, I DO have foundations that very few people have in Human Design/ BG5.

Very few people are Differentiation Degree Students, BG5 Consultants, Business Cycles Specialists, & Profit Potential Students…

But that won’t sell as the main positioning for myself. Never has, never will.  After people are drawn in due to positioning through the 4/6 lens they stick around because they realize I don’t make shit up as I go in Human Design.

I also DO have out of the box solutions and I am ALWAYS ahead of the curve.  Just today I was giggling because someone on my email list has a workshop today on copy that converts….

Something we have already talked about here (and more to come with a BG5 selling through your openness meets copywriting membership! 🚀)

And in the past big leaders have said how they are the FIRST to do Manifestor only masterminds… A year after I was doing mine.

So yes, I do have out of the box solutions.  I am a problem solver.

Yet, centering that as my positioning will not sell.

I am consistently seeing what is coming & anchoring it into how it helps you NOW (6th line, baby!)…

It is such a slight nuance but the nuance matters to energy.

Too many people are worried about the fancy shit & knowing how this or that applies to their business in Human Design when they aren’t even making bank off of the basic bitch level foundations.

I will never be the most popular or viral because I don’t give into that.  

I will stand firm in the fact you need to actually be positioning yourself properly before you worry about that obscure fact you learned about Human Design/ BG5 that will never work anyway if you are a 3rd line running the streets like a 1st line.

I am not here to help you quantum leap.  Quantum leaps happen after you put in the foundation.

The reason MORE people don’t “quantum leap” is because they are so focused on the magic pill they aren’t putting into place what allows the leap pad FOR the quantum leap.

Allow yourself to build the leap pad.

Let me know in the comments if this makes sense! ⚡️

🚀A great starting place is my You Are The Brand workshop series.  You can still snag Copy That Sells for $55 with Nail Your Brand Voice, at checkout, for $33 (a steal by the way).

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(Note: For BRANDED by Design an existing business & foundational knowledge of Human Design is required)

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