Undefined Throat Not Self in Business

Jan 25, 2023

Do you want to paint a layer on the not self of your undefined throat?  Say things to get attention and/ or hire people to help you get attention.

The TRUE SELF of the undefined throat doesn’t have to “do” anything to get attention.  You know when and what attention is worth getting and you don’t settle for less than the RIGHT attention.

The NOT SELF strategy is always looking for & trying to get attention.  If this is the only undefined centre it becomes the heart & soul of the not self decisions to the point of almost being obsessed with finding the right thing to say.

Tips for anchoring in to the true self of your undefined throat:

⚡️Mute/ unfollow anyone that is a huge distraction to YOUR truth.

⚡️Recognize the difference between pressure to speak & being moved to speak.

⚡️STOP saying shit to get attention.  Seriously. Stop. It. Without the excuses or stories.

⚡️Get to know yourself & your message.  Take the time to get clarity on what your message is, write it down, write down who you are speaking to, and always refer back to that before you post while you are navigating owning this energy.

And ultimately it is a decision.  You can spend the rest of your life playing games with the conditioning or decide today that you own YOUR voice, YOUR message, & YOUR truth.

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