The Not Self Projector

Mar 06, 2023

2023 has been a year of working with primarily Projectors, with running the Projector type specific mastermind once already, and starting another round on Monday (tomorrow).

One of the first pieces of advice I give to all my Projector clients is putting blinders on. “Muting” or deleting anyone from social media that makes you feel like you “should” be something you aren’t.

Projectors, contrary to popular social media belief, CAN work very hard.  And no, that isn’t the not self.  I have many energy Projector clients that run circles around me & they are absolutely aligned, embodied, & feeling deep soul level success in what they do.

Energy Projectors have a LOT of energy, mental Projectors have an absolutely incredible ability to stay focused on a task.  Adding in profiles & channels there is a capability for Projectors to work HOWEVER there is also, with the undefined sacral, the conditioning that they should be doing more…

Or should be further ahead…

Maybe you can relate? 😝

And the Projectors end up building hamster wheels rather than true businesses that light them up & bring a feeling of success.

Especially with Projector clients who are very open, blinders are critical as comparison can be very real.  

One of the biggest pieces of deconditioning I have been working on with clients this last year is deconditioning from the online coaching space.  A lot of Projectors have built external success yet lack the inner fulfillment & feeling of success.

Look at the long term vision for business AND life, then work backwards from that.  

❤️‍🔥Stay true to how you desire to guide others' energy despite the distractions. 

❤️‍🔥Stay true to how you best use your energy despite the distraction or gurus.

❤️‍🔥 Stay true to the vision for YOUR life, despite what others are doing.

And most importantly:

🦄Surrender to YOUR life force.  Surrender to YOUR destiny.  

Enjoy the ride.  

Leave the shoulds, need to’s, and have to’s at the door….

And truly become passenger consciousness, watching your life play out exactly as it was meant to be.




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