Marketing Using Human Design

Oct 19, 2022

Brands innovate through a movement they create in their marketing.

Businesses respond to the market & create…. Continuously behind the innovators.

Building your brand clarity is key, especially in the beginning.  People need to know what MOVEMENT they are joining by saying yes to you.

Years ago I said “You are the niche”, before it was the cool thing to say.  I then started leading a movement of YOU being the brand.

And if we are in the fish bowl of the coaching industry, sure either of those seem like maybe they are still the point, yet they aren’t.

The business world outside the coaching industry knew this long ago.  It is why I do not look to the coaching world for the direction of brand & business.

It is about innovation.

It is about creation.

It is about allowing the movement you create through your marketing to naturally speak to those it is meant to through the crystal sharp clarity you challenge YOURSELF to rise into.

The future is through innovation, and the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix will be the one to create the fork in the road where the leaders innovate & the rest continually respond to what others are doing.

It is time to…

Challenge yourself to innovate.

Challenge yourself to become more clear in your marketing & what people are saying yes to when they join you.

Challenge yourself to build a movement people are saying YES to…

And challenge yourself to make it EASY for people to say YES to you!

It is EASIER to get distracted & create murky messaging & marketing than it is to stay laser focused on the brand you are building & the movement you are blazing a trail within.

Continuously be RELEVANT  to your community, build intimacy with them, & be IN the creative solution for their problems.

If you are ready to leverage your black sheep, revolutionary vibe to create a powerful BRAND & legacy your way… I invite you into ICONIC, my 6 month mastermind.  It is strictly for those bold enough to dream BIG & actually make it happen!

No more hiding.  Decide now is your time.



Manifestors have a lot to say, they have a motor to their throat. Not everything you have to say is for your business.  You just confuse people & impact people, in a negative way, when things are all over the place.


Generators can respond to a LOT in a day, I mean you are responding every moment of every day, not everything you respond to is for your business or to create a course off of.


Projectors, not everything you enjoy or are good at is required to be a part of your business.  Stick to your mastery & bring us on the journey of how YOUR mastery changes our lives.


Reflectors, you will be sampling everyones auras.  Not everything you sample is something you need to speak on.  Not everything you observe is something you are meant to bring to business. 

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