Make More Money Being You

Dec 12, 2022

It GETS to be this easy 💸

Scaling to your first (and consistent) 5 k month?

💰SHOW UP!!  Do not compare yourself to someone that has been building their brand for 7+ years.  Show people you care & build connections.

💰Just start.  You know what you do NOT need for consistent 5k months? A fancy website, fancy landing pages, fancy graphics, the perfect words, or any of it.  You simply need your VOICE & the words you speak (or write).

💰Sell.  Selling is of value, and if you aren’t selling you don’t have a business. Sell what your community wants & back yourself in it.

Scaling to your first (and consistent) 10k months?

❤️‍🔥Go from making connections to networks that see you as the go to expert.

❤️‍🔥Find exactly who you serve best & how.  Anchor into & amplify YOUR unfair advantage.

❤️‍🔥Focus on the next 90 days to gain enough momentum & cash to begin shifting into long term thinking.

(And obviously keep selling & showing up! I hope that goes without being said!)

Scaling to your first (and consistent) 30k months?

🦅YOU are the brand.  People are buying YOU, not the product.  Leverage what makes you stand out & amplify this. 

🦅Clean up any & all energy leaks.  Get very clear on what you want so that you can take appropriate action.

🦅Recurring income & a long term vision is a MUST otherwise you end up on the launch hamster wheel.

And scaling above 30K?

💥It is really a refinement of every foundational piece…. Which is why it is SO CRITICAL to create the foundations!

💥The more boring your business the better.  It doesn’t mean you have to be bored, it means predictable income streams, recurring income, a brand people are seeking out, products that people can expect, etc. Scale your main offers with a pathway for people to move through.

💥You MUST have a vision you are working towards.  Moving with your whims monthly is a great way to build a roller coaster or hamster wheel that will eventually burn you out.  It is one thing to be a one hit wonder & another to be around in 30 years.

💥Be around the right people (although this is important at every level).  This is why I LOVE masterminds both myself & for my clients.  It makes a MASSIVE difference to be around people also taking massive action on their dreams.

💥Workout & eat in a way that supports you holding the energy of a constantly scaling business.  You can only bypass your health until it all comes crashing down.

Ready to go all in?

2023 is around the corner.  If there has ever been a time the time is NOW to cast the vision for 2023 with the support to bring it to life.

⚡️I have 1 VIP spot left in ICONIC for December.

⚡️December 22 we have my last live program launch for the foreseeable future, Your Unfair Advantage: Make Money Being You.  At a steal of a price there are no excuses to take action NOW on your dreams!

See you on the inside, legend.



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