Dopamine Addictions Are Destroying Generators/ Manifesting Generators Business

Aug 12, 2022

(One of) the biggest lies being sold online is:  Feminine flow means simply leaning back & receiving, launching whatever you feel like in the moment.

And sure, it is easier in the beginning, yet it has massive implications long term.

I will admit, it is sexy, it sells, and yet it is causing burnout, health implications, quitting, & more within the online business space.  I often hear “Ya, but when I ____ (hit a  certain amount of money) then I will put strategy in place”, which is one of the favourite stories of the not self that keeps you from ever REACHING that place AND keeps you on the hamster wheel from hell so even if you hit that place it is never enough.  

I stumbled on an article called “How Dopamine Addiction is Derailing a Generation of Entrepreneurs”, and I realized how little this is spoken about.

While this issue impacts ALL designs & types in this post I am addressing how the Generator/ Manifesting Generator mind justifies it, sweeps it under the table, and calls it alignment.  And, the online space certainly doesn’t help the MG promoting them as having “so many ideas” & “always launching something new”.

What you aren’t keeping in mind is: THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ARE NOT SELF! And, the VAST majority of people teaching Human Design online have no understanding of the mechanics to actually provide insight into the mechanics. Hate me for saying it, but it is true.

And yes, if that is your current not self reality (all kinds of ideas, constantly jumping between ideas) selling that to you works really fucking well because it confirms your reality.  The other side of that, however, is it keeps you in that loop.

I will say, I am not here to try & convince anyone. I definitely don’t have the energy for that.  I am for those that REALIZE they built a hamster wheel, realize that they have no stability despite how much they make, and are looking for simple strategies to put in place to create a BUSINESS, which pays like one & allows true freedom.

So, let’s talk about a nuance for Generators & MGS that no one else is talking about:

“Do what you love & love what you do" has a deeper nuance.  Again, if you are trapped in not self cycles what you LOVE, from the mind, is likely very different than what you actually have ENERGY for, from the sacral.  This brings on cycles of burnout & quitting because you simply never had energy for the “thing” in the first place.

When you become addicted to the dopamine hits of PayPal pings, DM’s, launching, being shouted out by your coach for hitting the next new “made it” milestone, etc that addiction overrides your sacral response.  When we enjoy something, our bodies are conditioned to crave more of it.  Again, it doesn’t mean it is an aligned decision. 

While I truly do not believe there is a wrong or right way to build a business, the better questions start to look like:

Is it working?

Is it sustainable?

Is it scalable?

Are you gaining more or less freedom as the business grows?


I do have 1 space open for 1:1, beginning the first week of September, for established entrepreneurs and/or professionals ready to slow down to speed up.  To heal the addiction & create a plan to move forward in a way that is TRULY aligned with their design.  This is a minimum 6 month commitment.  Often there is deep healing FIRST before we move on to strategy.

I also have the waitlist open for Magnetic Manifestors; The Next Million by Design for a HIGH intensive 6 week mastermind experience to begin innovating in your business & industry based on YOUR unique design.  This is strictly for Manifestors.

I do not launch programs anymore.  Any programs moving forward are recorded during the first round of their type specific mastermind & is included in the mastermind.

The only way to work with me is 1:1 or in masterminds, and maybe the occasional paid masterclass.





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