Definition In Bodygraph Can be Unhealthy As Well

Dec 19, 2022

Have you ever said ⤖ “But I have ___ defined therefore I know I am supposed to _____”.

That may or may not be the truth.  OFTEN, when I start with new clients the stories they have around their definition are simply that: Stories.

There is a lot of emphasis put on the openness online & how the openness will condition you.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that the definition can ALSO show up as an unhealthy expression.

After working with thousands in Human Design, and being trained (as well as continue to be trained) by the official schools I have noticed one thing:

The definition creates more of an “I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL IT IS ME” static energy.  The openness never did feel like yours to begin with therefore it typically is much easier to untangle.

While definition is termed "unhealthy", rather than not self, this incorrect use of your energy can show up in defined:

  • Centres (functions in BG5)
  • Traits (Gates)
  • Strengths (Channels)
  • Qualities (Lines)

I experienced this myself.  I have a defined G centre & most of my life my CONSISTENT identity was the lone wolf.  I didn’t want help, didn’t need help, and would rather move cities than get too close to anyone that wanted to provide it.

When I first found Human Design the not self mind reinforced the idea that the fixed identity was me, and that I was operating correctly.  The problem was, it wasn’t me and it was causing resistance.

Yes, I will always be the rough around the edges, rebel, revolutionary, cause a riot type yet I now longer see myself as the lone wolf or rebel without a cause.

In fact, my gritty passion & willingness to go against the grain is one of my greatest strengths (definition) YET it is in SERVICE (my life’s work & cross) to the whole.

It was in unwinding my incorrect use of my DEFINITION that allowed my business to blow up & to create the type of connections I was literally created for.

So the nugget to play with today:

The stories you have about “Well I have ___ defined there I know ___” may not actually be the true use of your energy.

Another way this may show up is (and I hear often): “But I have a defined ego and can relate to the undefined ego”.  Just because it is defined, does not mean it is being used correctly.  

As I say to my clients: You must rethink everything you know to be true when you enter into your experiment.  Go in seeing things in a new way, thinking in a new way, & being open to everything you believed to be true about yourself being shadows of conditioning.

Yet, in the dedication to surrender, asking better questions, & taking messy action, the web gains more & more momentum in loosening its hold which allows space between particles to receive more, in all realms, at the level you were always meant for.




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