Creating Offers in Business Using Human Design

Feb 13, 2023

Is there a demand for your offer?

It may not be a marketing problem, it may not be an alignment issue.  The problem may be that your audience/ community does not want what you are selling.

Business isn’t personal & your offers aren’t your babies.

It isn’t about you!

You are here to serve your fractals, your community, & provide solutions to their problems.

To know what their problem is, and what they want help with, you must listen to them.  Engage with them. Show them you actually care.


And this will become even more important as we move into 2027 (The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix).

Also, if you have something that is “nice to have”, rather than a need, you will hit more resistance.  That could simply be a positioning issue of your offer itself that minor tweaks will solve.

Business & scaling requires strategy.  Throwing spaghetti at the wall may get you so far but it will work until it doesn’t.  Either you will burn out, you will burn through your warm audience, or you will have to continue creating as much as possible to get a couple people in each offer monthly because you really have no idea what your audience ACTUALLY wants.

So, what’s the solution?

Flip through the slides to see your design AND I have something special coming to sign up for next week:

The High Ticket Pro (By Design) Workshop Series…

Where we will either create or refine your high ticket offer for max impact & income WITH the intention of creating recurring income in your business (the most important part of this workshop!).

Each design will have a different day & it will be a NOT MISS.

P.S-  Projectors, don’t shit the bed!  If you want to get in, get in!  Another spot is gone in the Projector only mastermind, Millionaire Projectors.  I will not be opening another cohort! Once this one is sold it is gone!



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