6th Line Copywriting Dangers

Jun 29, 2023

Your lack of clarity hidden behind the veil of “my message is just ahead of its time” will cause problems in conversion.

I have many 6th line clients (being a 4/6 myself there are harmonics with the 6)…

AND I often hear “My message is ahead of its time, I just need to be patient for people to catch up”.

You are building a business….

While you are over here waiting for lightning to strike & people to be able to tap into your vision that you can’t put into words they are off buying from someone else…

And someone ELSE is putting that vision into words.

CLARITY in a brand & CLARITY in a message always win.

Now, your clever marketing & messaging may have worked for awhile….

Maybe you had a year at 7 figures yet things started to slow down…

Things started to get… Harder.

Conversion started to become painful.

This is typically a symptom of clever marketing…

When people know you (maybe from a program you are in or from being around for awhile) OF COURSE they fall in love with your natural leadership abilities & wisdom…

However when you are trying to be clever you will always struggle with consistency in income, especially scaling year to year, & conversion of new people to your world (and in growing a business there should be a steady flow of new people finding you!).

In BRANDED, the mastermind, we will nail a CLEAR brand, clear pathway, & clear marketing so that your people can pay you for your wisdom!

Masterminds cap at 10.  Since a couple spots were snagged by clients that are also in my long term mastermind, ICONIC, I am happy to add 2 more.

We begin July 3rd.

This is for the action takers…

For those who are ready to ditch the clever marketing & hamster wheel it rode in on so that they can create a CLEAR, consistent brand.

Also be forewarned: My space is always a no BS zone.  If that isn’t what you are looking for in a mentor, this isn’t the space.





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