The Energy of Being You Converts

Dec 08, 2022

If YOU aren’t convinced & don’t know why should anyone else be. 🙅‍♀️

Your energy speaks before you do therefore instead of:

Generators/ MGS: Attempting to mentally figure out what you should do to “hit the next milestone”...

Projectors: Attempting to force being recognized so that people will hire you…

Manifestors: Attempting to force what your impact should be while pushing your way on others…

Reflectors: Attempting to look at what others are doing & do some variation of that…


Truly.  Let your freak flag fly.  People can feel that you are holding back and it makes your aura come off sketchy (especially you Manifestors).

When your dream clients message to buy all your shit, or the dream clients fill your programs, I can nearly guarantee it is NOT because you know Human Design, can talk about ascension, can access the Akashic records… none of that.

They connect with YOUR aura & love YOUR particular brand of crazy.

They want you in the full expression of YOUR beingness.

And more strategy, figuring out the right pricing, the right funnel, the perfect this or that, sure may amplify results a touch yet there are people with the “perfect funnel” broke AF.  There are people doing all the right steps hiring the “top” strategy coaches broke AF.


The first piece.  The most important piece. The foundation of everything is:


If you are ready to go deeper into asskickery around this join me in Your Unfair Advantage: Make bank simply from being you.  We begin Dec 22.

You can also choose that NOW you put aside all the bullshit, all the drama, & go all in with your dreams diving straight into ICONIC, my 6 month mastermind to unwind all the conditioning, all the shoulds, all the filters & good girl vibes, & become unleashed in your fullest expression.

Both rooms are open.

See you on the inside, legend.



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