Manifesting Even In The Crap

Dec 22, 2022

“My dog ate the 50k cheque”....

Alright, let’s rewind.  Today Scott took the dogs for their morning walk while I did a few business things prior to us going to the lawyer (an hour away) to bring our certified cheque & sign the paperwork for the house.

Scott ran in to let me know they were back & while he grabbed a few things I went out to the car, where the dogs were waiting.  As I got in the car I heard Alaska chomping on something in the back seat… I muttered “What the hell are you eating?”, scooped up the remaining 5 or 6 soggy pieces & stuffed them in my pocket to throw out later.

Scott gets to the car gasps and says “WHERE IS THE CHEQUE?”..

“What cheque?”

“The certified cheque for the lawyer?”.  As I can feel my face going white I dig my hand into my pocket & pull out the soggy pieces of paper left over from the bloodbath in the backseat…

“Is this the cheque?”.


Now, I did not find it funny in the least.  My schedule is tight for the rest of the year, the bank doesn’t open until 9:30, we have to be at the lawyers for 10. Many offices are closed over the holidays so we didn’t have a lot of options for getting to the lawyers… And we close in less than a week! I was holding no high vibe or pissing any positivity. Rainbows & butterflies had left the building.

It all got sorted, we got a second certified cheque, the paperwork got signed, and while I am sure the lawyer got the impression that I am a standoffish bitch, we finally made it back home.

After the hectic morning and a migraine that set in from the adrenaline earlier I reflected on how things have changed.

I mean, first of all being in a place where we could get a SECOND 50k cheque from the chequing account to pay the lawyer, as it will take a few weeks to cancel the OG certified cheque & refund it (since there wasn’t anything left to it to show the bank).

But more than that the shift in perspective I have had around “manifesting”, “vibes”, & all the LOA bullshit.  Ashley years ago would have put some meaning on to this, first because of the cheque literally being eaten by my dog, AND THEN I would have felt fear over “Shit, the low vibe is impacting my business & receiving”.

Now, I am not saying be stuck in a fixed mindset, complain, & expect your business to explode. That is certainly not what I am saying.  

AND, the truth is to fully EMBODY your unfair advantage.  To be FULLY EXPRESSED in your essence.  To create a healthy environment for your nervous system…

You have to be present to the duality of life, business, & yourself without repressing, shame, and guilt. 

Ugly crying, bad days, shit hitting the fan, and dogs eating cheques will still happen no matter how much you make, how many people you lead, or how well you know your Human Design. Allow it to move through you without making it mean anything about you.

Shit happens.  Keep going.  

Anyway, this girl is calling it a night with a glass of wine. 

For those who already said yes to Your Unfair Advantage I cannot WAIT to deep dive with you on all the things that make you stand out so that you can make bank simply being you. This is going to be an EPIC adventure we start on Thursday!  Get ready for massive shifts ❤️‍🔥





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