Human Design (BG5) Lines in Business

Aug 09, 2022

Ready for sales to be easy?  Position yourself based on profile so that you are relevant to the right people & are seen the way you need to be seen!

The first thing that is so important for us to understand is that it is only through living strategy & authority that you begin to align to your Profile.  

While the alignment & embodiment piece can take time I do teach my clients practical ways to begin implementing their profile strengths into their copy, marketing, & the way they show up immediately in their business. 

For those at the top of their field 1 degree shifts here (especially within the unconscious side of the profile) can trigger massive impact on how their copy or marketing lands with their audience.  For those just learning this can completely shift how people see you & how you position yourself in your marketing, which equals more sales & greater impact!

So, what’s in a profile?  In business the profile is called the “public role”.  This describes your authentic character on the stage of life & within business.  It allows you to align to your life’s work & live your destiny (Incarnation Cross).

Breakdown of the profile:

  • It is the costume of our life purpose. 
  • It is our mechanical potentials and limitations. 
  • It frames the specific ways we interact with and impact others. 
  • Indicates HOW we fulfill our life purpose. 
  • Living correctly according to your Public Role is how you fulfill your purpose. 
  • However, you only have access to the Conscious aspect of your Public Role – so it is something you don’t have “control” over.

Something to keep in mind is that your greatest strengths can also be your greatest weaknesses.  For example, the 4th line profile has the strength of being a networker, however without the balance of time alone they become burned out & exhausted.  Being aware of where you are operating within the shadow of your profile is important to eliminate self sabotage behaviours & skyrocket sales with more ease!

Infographics for each of the lines are below:

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