Do Manifestors Ever WAIT?

Sep 20, 2022

One of the biggest areas of resistance for Manifestors in their message?

Not honouring their Projected channels.

If you are a Manifestor you have a motor connected to your throat, which means you have a lot to say…

But are you delivering static or a clear message that IMPACTS your community?

A nuance that not many people are aware of is the channel type & how that impacts the Manifestor in business.

There are 3 types of channels (Outside of circuitry):

Generated: Anything from the sacral, with the only pure MG channel being the 34-20.

Manifested: Anything from the motor directly to the throat (meaning, ego or solar plexus)

And everything else is Projected.

Projected channels specifically need correct timing to be expressed effectively and correctly, which means using YOUR particular Strategy and Authority and waiting for invitations to express what you want to say.

That’s a lot of waiting for good timing, yes, even as a Manifestor!

Not only are all of those CHANNELS “projected” but so are their GATES.

Therefore, even if you are a Manifestor any Projected Channels OR GATES you have will need to wait for invitations or recognition to be correctly and optimally expressed.  

A great example of a projected gate that absolutely requires correct timing to be expressed effectively is Gate 18 – Correction. 

If you’re not waiting for your advice/correction/suggestions to be requested or invited, then what you offer is not likely to be well received or have the result you intended.  It may actually even push people away.

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