Feb 03, 2023

Ya’ll are trying to give me an aneurysm. 

Between this & then Loki getting loose at turn in by the cliff that leads into the forest I am grateful I forgot to wear my FitBit today.  God knows it would have been sending me “STRESS CHECK IN” notifications faster than a Pez dispenser shooting out candy.

Read the slides.  This girl needs a glass of wine.

And one last thing to say: 

EVERY SINGLE TIME I have tried to contort myself, force myself, act like a perfect entrepreneur bot to be at the “right” tables, be seen by the “right” people, grow my business in the “right” direction, or fit in with the “right” groups my business has been a disaster & shit hit the fan.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I followed soul, trusted my gut (thanks sacral!) and leaned harder, faster into MY WAY everything exploded.

Fuck following the rules.

It’s a LIE & prevents the growth you are meant for.

Sure, there are business things that can be done, strategy to support you, yaddy yadda.  I agree with all of that.  The difference is all of that will be a natural extension of YOU BEING YOU, rather than the thing you HAVE to do to get the thing.

(Read that again)

Feel the difference?


Now go be more you.




P.S- If you are a Projector I JUST silently launched YOUR Projector only mastermind!  We start March 6th.  Price goes up on Valentines day!  See you on the inside, badass.💥❤️‍🔥

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