The Manifestor (Human Design) In Business

Sep 02, 2022

Ra Uru Hu: “Think about that. If you make an ass out of yourself, it‟s really going to have impact on others, because all we do is impact.  So, if you're not-self and you're a Manifestor and you‟re blundering along, it‟s not like nobody knows. Everybody knows, because we automatically put out that impact. And because we have a closed aura and because they can never get inside and because they can‟t figure us out, they make up stories. They try to figure us out from that place.”

During my years of study at the official schools one of THE most frequent pieces of feedback to Manifestors was “I can’t figure you out”.  And the problem in business is that, if people can’t figure you out they make up stories about what you are about…. And those stories may:

  1. Lead to resistance in sales.
  2. Lead to projections (especially if you are a 5th or 2nd line).

The most magnetic aspect of the Manifestor is what Ra referred to as your refinement.  There is a sleekness.  Like the Jaguar, purposeful in her movement, eyes locked on the goal, & moving with pure grace.  

She knows where she is going....  

She knows who she impacts…

And only uses her energy when she is inspired.

And you can’t help but watch, not just her, but what she has her eyes on.  You are drawn in & can’t look away.

You want to know more.

That refinement comes out in business as well.  A sleekness, a prowess, that informs the other that YOU are their person.  YOU are the expert. YOU have what they have been looking for.

And this refinement is a thread that is pulled throughout an embodied business for Manifestors. 

THIS refinement is what I help Manifestors cultivate.  Cutting out the noise, the conditioning, the external pulls, & coming back to the refinement that ignites impact & income.  Refinement that creates shockwaves.  YOUR way.

To start?

Get crystal clear on who you impact & become hyper relevant to them by leveraging YOUR unfair advantage.


Build intimacy with them, because your aura won’t do it for you.

For more I have INNOVATORS the Mastermind.  My Manifestor ONLY 6 week high intensive Mastermind for the Manifestors ready to leverage their unfair advantage & create impact & income THEIR way.

I take a CONSULTING approach to my masterminds & 1:1.  I am OBSESSED with bringing my high level knowledge of Human Design & BG5 to the table to help you untangle where you are leaving money on the table, how to structure your business model in the best way for your energy, and overall solve your money, scaling, & growth “problems”.  I work on practical solutions you can apply immediately to begin seeing shifts in your business today.

Early bird pricing ends September 2nd.  If you just found me please reach out prior to September 2nd (eastern) & let me know you are waiting your emotional wave prior to making a final decision.



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