The BIGGEST Mistake I Made As A Generator in Business

Nov 23, 2022

 The BIGGEST mistake I ever made as a Generator in business?

No recurring income.  I was on the month to month launch hamster wheel when my sacral pulled the E break and everything came to a screeching halt (including income since I had NO energy to launch!).

Now, I am a MASSIVE advocate for thinking long term (while holding it lightly of course) & implementing recurring income no matter what design you are yet the difference for Generators & Manifesting Generators is this:

It is literally like someone emptied your gas tank & no matter how hard you try you can’t get going.  (Ever try to get a car going that ran out of gas? Ya, like that.)

Now: To be clear burnout is NOT THE SAME thing as a Generator plateau.  Discernment is key.

Back to the Generator plateau: This is why recurring income is CRITICAL so that you aren’t forcing yourself to launch when you are meant to be resting….

Or you aren’t stuck resting when you have no money coming in 😵‍💫

Now, be warned.  If you are looking for the mentor to help you with the 97 step funnel, I’m not your girl… And in my experience they don’t work as well as leveraging my Human Design & amplifying my unfair advantage anyway (What I have learned this week people see as Bad Bitch Energy 😂😂)

I am not interested in plug & play.  I am not interested in myself or you being a robot that eats & drinks… Herding our body around to the next thing to do.

Not the vibe 🙅‍♀️

It, first & foremost is a mindset.  Deciding that YOU, yes you, get to do the impossible.  YOU, yes you, get to scale a wildly successful business simply being you. That YOU, yes you, get to make 6 figures a month on repeat from recurring income.

It is first and foremost… And write this shit down because it is important: STOPPING WORKING TOWARDS & BECOMING THE PERSON THAT DOES IT NOW.

My magic is helping my clients unleash who they always were under the surface & leverage their magic juju to make multi 6-7 figures online.  You can’t package magic juju.  You can’t put it into a logical funnel.  YOU need to decide to be unshakable, unstoppable, and THAT BITCH that accomplishes all her (or his, I do work with men too!) dreams.

And decide now.

ICONIC is open now.  This is my EPIC business by Human Design mastermind to take you to CONSISTENT 5 figure + months in your business.  ICONIC is a proven mastermind that creates everywhere from first consistent 10k months all the way up to 6 figure months.  

While we go into BG5 (Ra’s business application of Human Design) more importantly I help you unleash everything that was always you so that you can BE the person that does the thing, scales the business, & receives the cash NOW.


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