The Art of Being Yourself: Human Design

Oct 27, 2020

The most powerful thing Human Design gives us is discernment & a deep trust in ourselves.

We each have our own way of learning, making decisions, building a business & magnetizing money based on our own authority, our own energetic strategy & our relationship with those things.

When we go into business or meet new levels within our business our conditioning pops up again.  When we are challenged in learning something new or blasting through a plateau, our conditioning pops up again.

The internal niggling of desiring to run back to comfort or look to someone else to give us the answers/ be our authority.

My role as a guide is to challenge you.  To deliberately guide you to pushing your own boundaries so you are able to get through the conditioning & find your own way.  You see, anything else and your conditioning is being fed into…

Anything else, believing that you NEED someone to be successful, or to have your success codes unlocked, feeds into the conditioning.

If we don’t challenge the conditioning.  Understand it. See it for what it is.  We aren’t ACTUALLY living in alignment with our design.

And even Human Design can be used for bad.  To manipulate.  To prey on the conditioning or open centres.  As Ra said: There are black magicians wearing white hats.

If we give our authority away to anybody we give away our power.

My role as a Human Design guide & coach is to first take full responsibility for myself.  Not to be perfect, but to live in integrity and be myself.  Not better than, not worse than, just unique.  Just unique and owning it for what it is.

The truth YOU have within has it’s own words.  The truth YOU have within is different than mine, and no one knows yours like YOU.

You will never discover your own path by following someone else’s.  After a live or post I often see my words replicated elsewhere.  The truth is, if you are using other peoples language, words, philosophies or downloads, even as inspiration for your own content, your content is tainted.

You will never be as good at being that person as they are.

But find relief in that.  You aren’t here to be someone else.  You have your own path, and through your own path you are able to bring forward your OWN gifts, words, language patterns, philosophies & medicine that captivate and magnetize the people you desire to serve.

Your path will not be discovered using someone else’s words.  By  manifesting or running your business how someone else is doing it.  Not by what or how someone else says something.

What you say, based upon what you genuinely know, have explored and is inside of you.  That is where true leadership resides.

My role as a Human Design guide is to ask the right questions and guide you back to transforming your inner dialogue into YOUR truth. 

This process may bring up resistance.  It may bring up the desire to run back to the safety of conditioning.  Resistance is good.  It shows you are in the process.  Understand that making the decision to be a leader, and to guide others, is making the decision to confront all your performance anxiety & conditioning hiding your truth.

Beginning your experiment in Human Design is a commitment to knowing yourself at a depth, width & height you have never known before.

I have 2 spots open mid November for a 5 week Human Design Intensive 1:1 coaching.  Price goes up substantially after Nov 15, th. 

I also have some spots open for Human Design Foundational calls coming up! 

I have no immediate plans to run any type of group coaching.  I desire to go deep into people’s designs and give my full attention to those ready to make MASSIVE changes in magnetism, abundance & sovereignty.

The only thing that could be considered a group program coming up is the 4 Levels of the Cosmic Alignment System Certifications, beginning January, 2021!  A waitlist, for a special discount code, will be posted today!  This is guiding the true leaders into learning how to guide others in Human Design! 

This is only for those that are READY to bring their unique magic & medicine into the world and guide their clients to the same!  Levels 1-3 will only be done live THIS ONE TIME!!!! If you are desiring my personal support and assistance I highly recommend diving in now!

To learn more check out the website:

I will also be recording a podcast episode expanding on this topic!!



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