The 49th Gene Key: Your Rebirth is Waiting

Aug 01, 2022

Your rebirth is waiting.

A silent revolution is happening, a gift from the 49th Gene Key.

As the higher frequencies penetrate the 49th shadow we will move faster towards unprecedented change & upheaval…

Both on an individual level as well as the frequency of Earth herself as the Cross of Planning continues to disintegrate & The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix anchors in.

Upheaval is the gift of Revolution…

The stagnant energy being brought up to be released.

With this, you may also feel a rebirth happening within your business; within yourself.  An in between place right now between where you were & where you are going.  A realization of the stagnant energy that has been below your conscious awareness, holding you back from the heights of your fullest expression.

A void.

Richard Rudd said: “Revolution occurs wherever stagnant energy is brought into awareness.  It is a direct result of your realizing that you are ill.  Given the potential violence & intolerance within the 49th shadow, you can be sure that it will not let you go without a fight. There is a genetic Revolution underway right now, and one of the first things it will do is throw out the old genetic material”.

It’s time.

It’s begun.

Stop allowing fear to dismantle your dreams. Be a stand for everything you see in your heart…

For everything you know you are made for. 



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