Projector Success Secrets: the Advisor Career Type

Jan 26, 2022


Projector Question: What are the consequences of not working according to your true nature as a Projector in business?

Answer: Feeling bitterly unsuccessful and sacrificing your quality of life, relationships, and health in an attempt to make money and keep up with the world. Further, instead of being the lighthouse for others you will create "static" in your aura which will cause resistance in others seeing you as the expert for guiding their energy.  Your energy speaks before you do therefore alignment with your career type ensures that you are able to communicate clearly, non verbally, so that you naturally create an atmosphere of effective communication when you speak.  When you are operating according to your career type you are able to naturally magnetize others who see & recognize you for your innate mastery & skills.

Health issues that may come up for the Projector not working in alignment with their career type are: Adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, stomach ulcers, insomnia, hypothyroid problems, exhaustion, and burnout. If you are not working correctly for your type, you are not living in alignment and can feel sour about the lack of success in your business in addition to being exhausted.

If you can relate to some of the side effects of not working in alignment with your type, fear not!  Human Design & BG5 provide us the map to YOUR success codes.

It's essential to your well-being, regardless of type, and work-life balance to operate in alignment with your unique capabilities.  We all have both strengths & limitations inherent to our unique Human Design type.  We have been deeply conditioned to try and fix what is wrong with us however when you finally live your strengths, and go to school through our openness, you create a natural magnetism & light from within that naturally draws others to you.

In this article, I aim to support and empower Advisors, the name of Projectors in the business world, to reach their fullest potential. Advisor career types are called Projectors in the Human Design System, and is likely the name you are used to hearing for this type. Advisors are needed to lead and guide the processes of Builders (Generators) and Innovators (Manifestors). You naturally guide the massive building potential of the Generators by helping them use their energy resources in a way that is correct for them.  It feels SO good to work with Generators particularly, because as you guide their energy they see & recognize your mastery.  It is a powerful combination that creates the space for massive success on both sides.

If you’re new to this system, welcome! I hope you embark on a personal journey that is deeply profound and transformative. Comprehending and integrating your career type is the first step in owning your unique individuality. 



How Human Design Projector / BG5 Advisors Can Access Their Personal Power

The Advisor is the second most common of the four basic career types, and how we interact successfully with the other career types. Being an Advisor means advising others in their work. Advisors are naturally designed to be the specialists, teachers, mentors, coaches, advisors, and guides regarding a process or system we've mastered.  If your business, team, or organization was a sports team the Advisor/ Projector would be the coach guiding the way others use their energy.

Knowing your career type gives you a straightforward tool for decision making & eliminates not only much of the trial & error process but also the futile endeavour of endlessly trying to "fix" your weaknesses so that you can finally recognize your innate strengths. Career type shows you how to make choices you trust and use your precious energy in the right way, aligned with your natural strengths, talents, and gifts.  Through using your energy correctly you also naturally draw others to you as they naturally recognize you for your innate gifts & mastery.

How to Avoid Human Design Projector / BG5 Advisor Career Type Pitfalls

Every design has limitations & danger zones inherent to our design.  Part of being human is that we come with limitations.  This is not a weakness of your or your design and is not something you must fix about yourself.  You are not broken!

For all Advisers, the key thing to remember is that you do not have a consistent energy resource to generate worker-bee energy. You are not designed to go, go, go, go, go all the time & attempting to work in a traditional environment that works you to the bone will naturally lead you to feel exhausted & burned out. You have to pay attention to your body's need for breaks and rest. Higher level roles in corporations & organizations or life as an entrepreneur are optimal roles for you & the unique gifts you have as an Advisor.

You are also not designed to do all the doing yourself, but your mind may think that’s the solution as you live through conditioning from the outside world.  Unfortunately, believing your mind’s “I have to do this all by myself” thinking leads to burnout fast. The lesson here is learning that there is nothing wrong with your need to delegate or do things according to your timing.  I also highly recommend for Advisor entrepreneurs to ensure they have a long term vision within their business so that they are not going month to month trying to keep up.  While this is a suggestion I hold for all designs, as no one is built to be working endlessly, this is especially important for Advisors.

Your success depends on having energetically healthy people around you who acknowledge your skills and offer you their energy resources to work with and to guide. When recognized, you excel at organizing and leading individuals, groups, and systems. You're here to see and connect with those who invite you to share what you know. An important aspect of this is that you must first see & recognize yourself for your mastery & expertise for others to recognize you.  When you operate as the lighthouse you naturally draw others to you who recognize you for your strengths & ability to help.  

When others recognize your gifts and invite your advice on how you’re here to make things more efficient and effective, and you only accept the roles that are correct for you, you’re on the right track.  A pitfall that many Projectors fall into, especially if they are meeting resistance in business, is accepting all invitations out of excitement for being recognized for something.  Ensure you are accepting the correct invitations for you & fit your area of expertise & mastery.


You are a specialist working for short periods of time, through seeing the big picture and leading or guiding the process, you’ll taste the sweetness of success.

70% of the human population are Generators/ Builders, so you may often find yourself trying to fit in or prove yourself to keep up with their go, go, go energy.  You may also find yourself trying to do it all in your business due to the conditioning around this. The conditioning of being around so many Builders can lead you to push yourself into unhealthy states of exhaustion where your system can break down. If you're around people who are not healthy for you, you amplify the energy that can drain or weaken you. This situation can spiral downwards into all kinds of health issues.

If you're an adviser, your success depends on having energetically healthy people around you and leading and guiding the process when you’re recognized and then invited. You have the brilliant ability to bring people together and to maximize energy and resources in those that you work with. Remember that it's vitally important to take time to rest when needed in order to remain healthy.  Again, planning your schedule & having a long term vision is critical to help avoid going through periods of pushing then burnout in your business or in your career. The most important thing for you to learn is extreme self-care & I recommend my clients block this into their schedule as a non negotiable main priority to ensure they are honouring this aspect of their design.

Because so much of the world are Builders, you can often find yourself trying to live in their reality, trying to keep up with their energy. The myth of having to keep up can lead you to become a kind of super slave and cause you deep resentment. Pushing yourself can lead you into unhealthy states of exhaustion, where your system can start to break down. 

If you're so focused on being seen for something you think you know, it can keep you from not allowing others to recognize you naturally. Many Projectors are attempting to build careers or businesses upon something they don't even desire to be seen & recognized for however feel they should take that route to be successful.  If you approach business or work from this perspective, or rushing teaching something that you have not yet developed mastery in, you will only create more resistance. 

Sometimes you might find that you're struggling so hard to be appreciated that you may begin to be known for something out of integrity with your design’s natural gifts. For example, you might want a promotion and the only way you think you can get it is to be a super hard worker, wearing all the hats and doing everything yourself. When you feel sour at being passed up for a promotion and you think, “Why don't they see how hard I work?” oh boy, are you way off track! Bitterness is how you know that you're that trying too hard at something that is not your correct job. 

Give advice only when you’re recognized and invited in order to guide others to do the doing in the most efficient, effective way possible. Learn to delegate! That's one of the most important solutions for you to remain healthy.

How Human Design Projectors / Advisors Best Communicate for Maximum Efficiency

 Next time you are about to be in interaction with others, give this a try. Let go of expectations, open up your awareness, listen quietly and wait for that recognition and invitation. You may feel your whole body light up with recognition in return through what you see and know. You may be amazed at what others sense and what they recognize in you because we Advisors have a hard time seeing ourselves accurately.  Your practice is to LISTEN to what the other is saying & guide their energy rather than assuming or offer advice.  I can nearly promise you will be amazed at the shift this will create in your work life, business, and/ or team!

As clear communication is key to the achievement of success in guiding others, here are some helpful tips on communicating with the other career types. These are simple strategies that can help you elevate your ability to communicate effectively. Using these little tips to communicate correctly with each of the different career types can create better results both personally and professionally:

Manifestors - the Innovators

Innovators need to be kept informed of their impact. Generally, the thing that really interests them, whether they recognize it consciously or not, is, “How can I make my mark in the world?”. What they really want is to operate in peace and get things moving into action. So keep the Innovators in your life informed of things that impact their ability to do their job, and if they are your boss, co-worker or partner, keep them informed of things they are responsible for that impact your ability to do your job. Experiment with what it feels like to wait for them to initiate you into conversation or action unless you have a relationship where they've given you an open invitation to approach them.

Generators - the Builders

Builders are designed to respond. When you ask Builders simple questions that are not multiple-choice, but a direct yes or no, you're going to get the most authentic answer from their guttural response. You might hear "Ah huh," for a yes or "Uhn ahh," for a no, or "Hmmm." If it's a, "Hmmm," it's either no for right now, or you may need to ask the question again in a slightly different way. Manifesting Generators /Express Builders tend to skip steps & are designed to be more efficient. Pure Generators/Classic Builders need a step by step process of activity. Reading the response of a Builder is the way to know if they have the energy to complete the task or not. See what it feels like to wait for them to approach you first, and be sure to ask them back to confirm they have a response towards what direction or action they want to take.

Projectors - the Advisors

With fellow Advisers, it's all about recognition and invitation. When you authentically recognize the skills, talents, and abilities of an Adviser, and invite them to share what they see, this is where they truly shine. You can gain profound insight and see things that you may have otherwise overlooked simply by recognizing and inviting the Advisers to share.

Reflectors - the Evaluators

For the Evaluator, initiate them by including them according to how you see them fitting into the big picture. Keep them apprised of what you see their role being because often they can lose track of what their role should be. Evaluators like to belong, be involved and included, and they are wonderful for displaying how things are going when they are at the center of the business.

How to Taste the Sweetness of the Human Design Projector’s / Advisor’s birthright, “Success”

As an Adviser, the signpost of being on track is the sweetness of success. Bitterness & success are not just feelings for you but can actually be a taste.  That feeling of success happens most often in the simple act of by being recognized and invited. Nothing feels better to an Adviser than being recognized for our gifts, talents, ways of seeing things and to be asked to help the other.

When you can get out of your own way and not try to push or force things, you are typically highly visible and designed to be valued for our mastery of systems.

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Ashley Eve

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