Leadership As Embodying the Future you Long For

Aug 14, 2022

Embodied leadership involves first the act of noticing & paying attention to what we want to bring forth through work/ life. Often we lose touch with the awareness of what we long for, so this can be a large piece of the work.

What we long for is also different from what the mind is chasing & thinks it deserves or should get.  Long for is a deep inner ache.  A knowing that there is something more.  And within that a deep deconditioning, an allowing of the illusions to fade away.  The illusions which keep you from feeling what it is your soul is truly calling you towards.

What we long for requires transformation, asking ourselves the powerful questions such as “Who do I need to BE to bring this forth in the world?”.  This is where embodied transformation starts within & ripples outwards.  A bottom up approach, not one of the mind herding the body around but the body leading the mind through your inner authority.

True leadership is the ability to state a declaration that allows your community to orient themselves differently.  And yet, the first person it has to touch is us, the first person it has to move is us, the first person it has to inspire is us.

When we speak our declaration from a place of being alive, from a place of embodiment, we awaken something in others & create a movement.  A movement to a better future.  This is where life & business truly begins to flow in ways that it could not have before.  Yet, this isn’t a snapping of the fingers.  It is a willingness to be uncomfortable.  A willingness to do the work.  A willingness to experiment & continue to go within even when it is challenging the mind & your current perceptions of reality.

Yes, there is a deep deconditioning aspect to this, as it is entirely likely you don’t even truly know what you long for, not really.  It is still stuck in the head, disembodied, herding your body around based on what you THINK is best.  By the time we are adults we are shaped (conditioned) by others, by our environment, and we develop adaptive strategies to have our needs met.  This can cause us to sacrifice who we are & what our truth is for motivations of the not self mind.  It can cause our true longings to be clouded by the conditioning of the world around us.

So today, the first step is embodying the self that is capable of delivering what you long for.  This is allowing life to move into reality through you.  It challenges you to see in a new way, BE in a new way, & listen in a new way.  Loosening the grip to the conditioned beliefs, identities, & behaviours.  It requires you to get to know yourself again.

To master something takes time.  Allow yourself to be a beginner in even knowing yourself.  Go in with curiosity & a skillful nonchalance. Go in with no pressure on time or what you GET out of this.

If what you say you are committed to doesn’t really move you ask better questions, go deeper.  Be willing to DO the work, be in the experiment, rather than continue to chase from the not self mind.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is it something I long for?

Is it something coming OUT of the depths of me?

What is the motivation behind this?

What is my SOUL truly calling me into?

Get to know yourself again.  Then lead yourself first.



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