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Knowing Your Numbers in Business

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Getting off the launch hamster wheel & creating epic recurring income BEGINS with knowing your numbers.

I remember 4 years ago when I was in my launch whatever my heart desired every month, “flow” (which was just absolute chaos with no consistency), hamster wheel.  

I was so entrenched in the alignment = going month to month, spiritual business owner = no strategy or long term planning that I didn’t see how I was setting myself up for disaster.

And truthfully, I wasn’t ready to hear about another way to run my business that allowed for more freedom… 

My stubbornness & blinders created burnout cycles that resulted in high cash months then complete burnout with no recurring income to support myself or my business.

It was a roller coaster that, despite how much money I brought it, created NO nervous system stability & created no safety within my business.  

And this is often what is taught.  Just focus on bringing in money… With absolutely no long term vision, off ramp from the daily tactics, or care in the world about numbers.

In an attempt to make business “easier” by avoiding the back end work business actually becomes much harder because you are starting over every month.

It was the sudden & tragic loss of my heart dog, Kira, from a ruptured tumour that we didn’t know existed (despite recent surgery & a clean bill of health) that made me take a good hard look at my lack of strategy & structure impacting freedom in my personal life.  

The funny thing is that I had been around strategy experts, immersed in the culture of business building (outside of the coaching industry), and had a well of knowledge that I simply wasn’t utilizing.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know, it was that I was ignoring what needed to be done.

Maybe you can relate 🙈

(Now, disclaimer:  I run a basic bitch simple AF business model.  If you are looking for the 47 step funnel my recommendation would be hire someone to do a business in a box for you.  I truly believe in outsourcing things like that.  You are not meant to do it all.)

As Ra Uru Hu would say “your mess is your message”. 

If 4 years ago you would have told me that I would be talking with clients, on ICONIC hot seat calls, about creating a SELLABLE business I would have thought you were nuts.

If 4 years ago you would have said I would be helping clients make minor adjustments to funnels & copy that resulted in immediate higher conversion & sales… I would have thought you were nuts.

It’s amazing what happens when you follow strategy & authority, trusting your process.

And, ultimately.  I am not here to convince anyone.  I am completely unattached to who decides to work with me or who is ready to create a company or refine what they currently have.

Yet, if you are ready to begin thinking like a CEO, or you are a CEO & are looking to leverage BG5 to amplify results… I am here.

Ways to work with me currently:

💸 The Projector 6 week mastermind a high intensive 6 week mastermind specific to Projectors here to build iconic businesses by design.

💸 ICONIC me 6 month mastermind where conversations range from mindset of a CEO, creating a sellable business, creating trademarked methods, improving conversion, and more.  This is where you go from entrepreneur to CEO.

💸 6 week Elevated Brand Authority 1:1 work.  This is a high level 6 week 1:1 container for those looking for consulting support in refinement within an area of resistance.  This is only for established entrepreneurs at 6 figures + currently, public figures, & c-suite executives.

Warning: I take a non negotiable no BS approach.  If that is not your jam, I won’t be the mentor for you.


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