Is Quitting Normal for Generators?

Dec 14, 2022

Is it normal for Generators/ MGS to want to quit? Does this mean I hit a plateau?

As Ra would say: While it is COMMON, it doesn't make something "normal" or correct mechanics. Most of my Generator clients who get in patterns of wanting to quit actually have a design programmed for completing cycles. The PROBLEM is that they are getting into the WRONG cycles for the not self pressure & wanting to quit because they never had the energy for it in the first place.

A plateau is a mechanical do not pass go do not collect $200. Think of a car that is OFF. You can hit the gas all you like, it won't move.  NOW, a car that is off is very different than a car that had its lights on all night & the battery died.... THIS is what most Generators are doing. Getting into things for the wrong reasons, not having the energy, their battery burning out, then calling it a plateau.

It is NOT the same thing.

Ways the openness can put pressure on a Generator (which includes MGS):

If you are desiring results of the 1%, settling for what is common for your design just won’t do.  Sure, a lot of Generators & MGS are out there quitting constantly, or trapped in shiny object syndrome never actually BUILDING what they are meant to build.  Yet, if you desire to live your design & build an empire, as builders (the BG5 name for Generators) you have to BUILD something.  This doesn’t happen from quitting when you hit plateaus, from getting into things for the wrong reasons, or constantly switching directions due to distractions.

Tips to apply today:

✨ SLOW DOWN.  Some definitions (called Assimilations in BG5) need more time to process things before making a decision… Yes, even as sacral authorities. 

✨ Tune out the noise & be cautious of blindly following a mentor simply because they are the “expert”.  This doesn’t mean stop working with mentors, it means YOU are your authority & NO perfect strategy will override shitty alignment.

✨ Your energy speaks before you do.  If you are “off” you are sending out static into the environment which absolutely causes resistance in business & sales.  Leverage YOUR message & unfair advantage. Just yesterday a simple shift in copy created massive results for a client by simply honouring their message, unfiltered (Join us in Your Unfair Advantage to learn more about this!).

✨ Be cautious of where you get your Human Design information.  There are many many people positioning themselves as experts who have the experience of simply having a foundation reading done & deciding to teach it.  This is dangerous for their clients & community as incorrect information leads to MORE resistance & frustration.  I see a TON of bullshit about MGS in particular online. 

✨ Generators & MGS know when enough is enough, you have the defined sacral.  Hire someone to help you get into the RIGHT things so that you are completing the right cycles without getting into the wrong things, knowing it is enough because there was never energy in the first place, then wanting to quit or quitting.

✨ Develop a non negotiable morning routine with connecting to self first.  

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