Is It Really Trauma?

May 30, 2023

Before you come for me…

My background is in Psychology.

I was a legit counsellor in the mental health field with an incredible rate of helping youth & adults that no one previously had been able to help….

I have been in the thick of it where I was called in, as an on-call supervisor, to horrific situations I had to deescalate that I wish no one to walk into…

I have dragged teens out of pimps houses.

Sat with teens at trials, while helping them process the fact a parent showed up who wasn’t supposed to be there.

Had to be ok with those I simply could not help no matter how much I tried or was a stand for them.

I have seen A LOT.

And the online space still horrifies me with this fixation with “trauma response”.

You like to work hard? Trauma response & conditioning around “work hard to make money”.

You have fear around speaking live? Trauma response because your parents didn’t let you have a voice.

You like to lift heavy & kick ass in the gym?  That’s patriarchal society taking you out of your feminine flow.

Everything is a fucking trauma response now.

I never knew I was supposed to have so many problems until I got into the spiritual coaching space….

Which then created its OWN identity crisis years ago (and would you guess what… I am back to working hard, training hard, & not giving a fuck what others say about it).

And the truth is it is leaving A LOT OF PEOPLE:

  1. Afraid to say what they truly want to say out of fear of being cancelled for not being sensitive enough or trauma informed.
  2. People thinking core pieces that make them SO fucking unique are “wrong” or “bad” because it doesn’t fit in to the current narrative.

And it is leaving a WHOLE ass group of people (mainly women) running around with pitchforks waiting to hang the witch that dare be anything but what is ACCEPTABLE IN THE spiritual/ manifestation/ coaching/ trauma informed space…

Who are also trying to sell you feminine flow/ trauma informed services (everything is marketing).

It is all starting to sound like women being burned for being who they are all those years ago… Or just, ya know, conditioning of the greater society telling you who you should be…

But I regress).

Ra Uru Hu said something that stuck with me (although a lot he said does of course): “You don’t get rid of conditioning.  You develop discernment on what is right for you”.

So yes, were we conditioned growing up?  Of course. It IS NOT negative.  Sweet baby Jesus, can we drop that narrative?!

Have many people experienced horrific trauma? Absolutely.  I am not negating the fact that trauma, and absolutely horrific things, happen to people.

I have experienced much myself, which was what drove my desire to enter Psychology.

My point is:

Equating EVERYTHING to trauma is destroying what makes many people so unique.  

The “too much” aspects of self they think are wrong.  The rough around the edges pieces that they may be super proud of they now think aren’t “feminine” or will prevent them from making money.
That narrative doesn’t fly here.

Here, in this space, we find your particular brand of crazy & amplify it.

Because all those pieces you are STILL made to believe are wrong are the key to running up your impact & bank account.




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