Generator/ Manifesting Generator Satisfaction in Business

Feb 23, 2023

Do without doing & everything gets done, as Ra would say.

Builders & Express Builders were BORN to build something epic through their mastery/ process they perfected.

⚡️Pure Builders (Generators) master & perfect a process through a step by step process.

⚡️Express Builders (Manifesting Generators) master & perfect a process through skipping steps.

One of the biggest challenges in business for the sacral beings is being distracted by moment to moment mind BS that seemsssss to be the sacral “moment to moment response”.

The truth is:  We are responding to things every moment of every day.  

❌It doesn’t mean it is meant for your business.  

❌It doesn’t mean it needs to be an offer or service.

Ra called the sacral beings the “great quitters”.  Why? They get into things incorrectly & because they don’t have the energy for it they quit.

I see many sacral beings who come to Elite by Design burned out, exhausted, & have a match over their business because they built a hamster wheel, not a company.

They are launching multiple offers monthly chasing milestones that others are reaching and HAVE to continue launching monthly to give their audience new offers because they have no strategy that brings new people into their world.

And that works until it doesn’t.

Eventually you will quit because you simply don’t have the energy for it.

Reflection points today:

💸 Is the business model you built (or lack of maybe) the right use of your energy in the now?

💸 Is the business model you built something you can sustain long term?

Since purchasing the farm & rescuing animals (on top of daily chore/ responsibilities with my previous crew) I am SO grateful for the version of me 3 years ago that tossed the hamster wheel in the garbage, stayed in my lane building the long term vision despite distractions of what others were doing, & built a company that provides EPIC levels of freedom.

I literally could not spend my days on the farm running my business how I used to, even if I had a full team, because the business required massive daily tactics FROM ME to keep going.

You are the brand.  That doesn’t mean you sell your soul to grow your business.

I do not believe in our energy sustaining the business.  It can’t.  I believe in the business sustaining OUR energy.  Building something that we are not only passionate about yet also allows for true financial & personal freedom.

If you are ready to create a business model that is scalable & sustainable I invite you into one of two places:

💰For 1:1 consulting Elevated Brand Authority is a high level 6 week consulting offer.   This is for established entrepreneurs, public figures, & c-suite executives.

💰ICONIC, my 6 month mastermind.  This gives us an opportunity to GO DEEP & align your business to your vision for LIFE & business.



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