Daily Transit 42.3 Human Design

Apr 12, 2023

Today, at approximately 3pm eastern we move into 42.3, a day marked by trial & error.  The lesson for today is:

At times of increase mistakes are a natural part of the process.

This is a lesson I often teach my clients.  Even with something like Human Design or Gene Keys we are not removing the human element, which includes trial & error.  Success leaves clues, and those that we work with have gone through their own trial & error process to help us close the gap faster; however, at times of increase, mistakes are a natural part of the process.


The Chinese I’Ching describes 42 as:


“When decreasing reaches its end, surely increasing is certain to come.  Thus, after decreasing, increasing follows”.

How often in life, or business, when we reach hard times we think this is it.  The business we have worked so diligently to build or the life we have poured our heart into creating seems to be falling apart at the seams.  Today teaches us, and opens the energy for new cycles of increase.

The Chinese I’Ching says: “When wind & thunder support each other their energy is doubled.  Today is here to show you that there is resolution within”.  

The life work theme of 42 is the material world with purpose fulfilled through the mind.  This trait is part of the Strength of Cycles, a design of balanced development.  When both 42 & 53 are activated you have The Channel of Maturation, a channel with the generative power of the sacral behind it.  Trait 42 is also part of the Collective Sensing (Abstract) Circuit and therefore is about sharing.

When we look at Generator channels it is about using energy correctly.  Ra Uru Hu said that Generators are the great quitters & this is because they get into the wrong cycles and therefore never had the energy to complete them in the first place.  The abstract’s cyclical process generates growth, and balanced development is about collective experiences to create the foundations for future progress.

Each cycle you, yourself, as well as the collective enters builds on the lessons learned from the past.  It is this balanced development, the brick upon a brick, stepping stones which allows us to develop our full potential.  I often use the analogy of the house with clients.  In a world inundated with “quantum leaps” & manifestation it can be easy to attempt to skip the balanced development in favour of fast growth.  The problem is you are building a million dollar life or business on top of a half built foundation.  When you build something on a shaky foundation, it eventually falls.  In 2023 I have already witnessed many people realizing that what they built was a hamster wheel, not a business, and walking away from million dollar empires due to favouring the leaps rather than balanced development.


Today reminds us of balanced development.  Use your energy correctly & enter the right cycles.


Today may be the day to look at cycles or relationships where you feel stuck or held back by unresolved patterns of behaviour that can date back as far as childhood.  How are these patterns playing out today in business & life?  I see this often with leaders & self sabotage within their business.  What cycles have been asking to be completed & left behind so that you can begin a new cycle?

Generator channels teach us that it is important for us to commit to what is correct for us, as it is difficult to extract ourselves from something once we have committed.  Maybe this is coming from your undefined ego and making promises you can’t keep but feel compelled to prove yourself, or avoid triggering other peoples emotional waves with the addition of the undefined solar plexus.  Maybe you have an undefined splenic center and have been holding on to people that are no longer good for you, and with the undefined sacral you do not know when enough is enough to let go.

When we do not make decisions using strategy & authority we lack the staying power to complete the process, or feel frustrated trying to start things that never really get going.  This leads to starting & stopping cycles, which serve no one.

Detachment, and ultimately passenger consciousness, represents the process of letting go control over your life, physically, mentally, & emotionally.  Whether your outlook is positive (“I KNOW I am meant to make $100k months so what can I do to make it”) or pessimistic (“It will never work out for me”) expectation narrows your field of vision and closes down the limitless potential that exists in each moment.  Further, with cycles, attachment to outcomes typically leads us to either starting the wrong cycles or holding on to ones that no longer serve.


Where are you seeing this come up in your life right now?  How is the energy supporting you today in releasing what gets to go or stepping into a new cycle?


As Richard Rudd said about 42: “Almost all human beings are waiting at the Expectation Station.  Expectation is the most profound mark of humanity.  It is the dream that the future holds a greater promise than the now”.

One last note on today’s third line day:

The exalted energy of today is the ability, and grit, to turn mistakes into advantages.  What you are calling a mistake is simply an arc in your path.  It is not something you have to go back to or stay stuck within a cycle of.  

The detriment of the energy today is a moodiness that in error may succumb to brooding & unnecessary drama. This is when someone maybe recognizes the cycles that need to end, or the mistakes that they made, and instead of seeing it as an opportunity for growth, beat up on themselves, quit, or make it mean something negative about their potential.  When in detriment mistakes have the power to give energy to moodiness & drama.

Trial & error is really the essence.  What gets to go today.  What cycle may begin today.  And remember, the resonance to the 3rd line is the 6th line, the possibility for profound mutation & transformation.  Your growth is rooted in a day such as today.  


I would love to hear in the comments what is coming up for you in terms of cycles today!




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