Copywriting as a 5th line

Jun 13, 2023


📢 Successful 5th lines aren’t afraid to put in the work to provide solutions their community wants! 📢

And, Manifestors, looking at you 👀!  With that closed aura I recommend, even more, listening.  Get your hands dirty & ASK your community how you can serve them!

Personal brands, especially in the spiritual space, have been told for SO long just to say what you want & sell what you are passionate about that it has created two playing fields:

1️⃣ People that nail it (Either intentionally or my accident)

2️⃣ People left floundering wondering WHY it isn’t working for them!

It is THAT much more difficult when we add layers of designs, such as 5th lines, or Manifestor auras, where people can’t really feel ya like the 4’s or Generators…

So there is less wiggle room to wing it (not that I suggest anyone winging their brand!).


Back in the day I stumbled on this shit.

No one taught me to be the brand or what that meant…

I LEGIT thought copywriting was copying someone's writing in the beginning (If I can master this shit so can you!)...

I sorta, became it…. Then began teaching it in the cover of darkness with my personal clients 🪄

If you are feeling like your brand needs refinement or a refresh…

If you know your copy is needing some lovin’ & zhuzh’ing so that you can stop the painstaking guess work or the throwing of spaghetti at walls…

You are in luck!

BRANDED by Design JUST launched, 2 spaces are gonzo, & I would be honoured to take you through the process of zhuzh’ing the shit out of your brand, using BG5 of course!

I love this shit.

My design is quite literally made to see & correct patterns….

Let’s put it to use for your brand!




P.S- Have you listened to the new podcast episode about stopping the scroll of Generators with your copy?! It is a not miss! Check out BRAND by Design on your fav podcast app!

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