Your Unfair Advantage

Dec 17, 2022

It is NO LONGER enough to market yourself relying on a system…

Human Design, Gene Keys, strategy, manifestation, the reality is that your niche isn’t growing as much as the competitors are coming in.

Yes, I said it. 🤷‍♀️

It takes 30 seconds to scroll past thousands of people with catchy 2nd line phrases, spiritual wisdom, or LOA taglines.

Why should people stop on YOU & ultimately why should they not just stop but BUY from you.  

I can nearly guarantee that it is not because you don’t have the best strategy, need more funnels, or need more information that is preventing epic growth in your business.  You need to damn well draw your line in the sand & gain clarity on WHO you are, who you serve, & create diamond sharp clarity in how!

First and foremost your content needs to be a punch straight to the gut of those that are ready to pick up what you are putting down.

If you want to STAND OUT & receive messages such as “you are in my head”, “you are speaking directly to me”, and “this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for”, the system or tools you use won’t do it.

People are buying YOU & people are looking for innovators in their field.  

Creating content that throat punches people scrolling by starts with asking:

What do YOU want to do then deliver it in a way your audience not only understands but is diamond sharp in clarity. 

And below that, ultimately, it means gaining clarity on YOUR unfair advantage.

CLARITY over CLEVERNESS, as I constantly say to my spiritual clients!

And sure sure, vague, fluffy, language may work for people that KNOW you, however eventually you will burn out your warm audience & things will get harder & harder to sustain or grow.

Messaging & content converts when:

💰People say “You are in my head!”

💰Their mind is blown & you helped explain things in a way no one else has.

💰You are RELEVANT to the right people.

💰People are WAITING for your courses & trainings, not having to be convinced.

💰People repeat back the message to you (People often say to me “I am finally waving my freak flag”)

If you have been plateaued in your business for 3 months, something needs to shift.  Yes, business naturally goes through ebbs & flows but an ebb for 3 months?  That’s not an ebb.  That stalled out, battery dead.

If you are ready to remember who you are & become that person NOW to create epic as fuck content that converts…

I welcome you into my final course for 2022: Your Unfair Advantage. It’s time to make money simply being you!

Pre-work begins Monday, which could be a mini course in & of itself.

2023 is your multi 6-7 figure year.  It’s time to refine & amplify your message & who you be.

Are you ready for it?



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