Writing Copy That Sells Using Human Design & Spicy Hacks

May 29, 2023

The BIGGEST mistakes people make in their bio are:

 ❌ Highlighting emotions, rather than the transformation (purpose, happy, proud, high vibe, etc are all EMOTIONS which are a BYPRODUCT of the transformation itself).

❌ Trying to speak to everyone therefore being yawn worthy & scroll pastable.  Fantastic, you help people get fit, so do over 1 million other accounts 🤷‍♀️

❌ Leaving NO emotional connection.  Nothing says you have no idea what your people actually want than saying “helping you find your purpose” or “helping you get fit”.  Believe it or not THAT isn’t what is keeping them up at night or their deepest desire.  What do those things GET THEM?

Let me tell you a story.

Here’s the reason I signed up with my most recent CrossFit coach out of ALL the other coaches in person & online:

The emotional connection of having direct access to a trainer at one of the best facilities in the world, putting athletes on the podium at the games.

My desire?  Compete at the games.  It has been since before I hurt my back 10 years ago. 

I want nothing more than to get back into competitive shape.  Sure, I would love to be strong, lessen back pain, eat more carbs, etc etc but my true desire?

Kick some major ass in competition.

Anddd I sorted like the bragging factor of working with a coach at this facility.  It is what it is.

Looping back around to the above, I would not buy because someone helps me “get fit”.  

Of course getting fit is going to be a BYPRODUCT of training for the games. 

Of course getting fit is a BYPRODUCT of working with a top coach.

Yet, that isn’t the emotional connection because it isn’t my driver.

I want someone that can help me podium.

THAT is the emotional connection.

See that I want to make it to the top of the sport, and help me get there.

Focus on the emotional connection first… And let YOUR FREAK FLAG fly in your bio to stop the scroll with the RIGHT people.




P.S-  We will crash course this in my upcoming workshop, Copy That Sells (by Design).  If you need someone to bring some asskickery to your copy, join us in my bio.

Also coming in the next few months:

A 3 month BRANDED BY DESIGN mastermind (Waittttt until you see this! 🥵🥵🥵 Jesus take the wheel 🧨) & a copy by design (not the name of it!) membership which will be so hot you may need to show up to calls naked (Funny story; a lot of my personal clients show up to calls buck ass naked sunbathing or in the bath!).

Stay tuned.

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