What Makes Great Leaders

Oct 03, 2022

“When I ___ then I can ___” ➛ Ever caught yourself saying that?

And this is at ANY level.  It is sneaky.  It tends to fly under the radar.

Yet, as long as you make decisions as the person you are now, based on the identities you hold now, you will CONTINUE to get the same reality & results.

Nothing changes until YOU change.

Your business doesn’t expand until YOU expand & claim the identity of CEO, revolutionary leader, now.

This even goes for those stuck at 6 figures.  The multi 6 figure you is making different decisions.  The 7 figure you is making different decisions.

Make. Them. Now.

What has made me so successful in everything I pick up is that I don’t work TOWARDS. I be the person NOW & take action from that place.

➡️ When I was broke in corporate, living pay cheque to pay cheque, I can only describe it as divine intervention created a pre approval for a line of credit.  It allowed me to join a mastermind with a coach I had taken a course with.  I had NO idea what I was doing, no course, no plan…. And I took moves that the 6 figure me would take.  I made 6 figure in 6 months.

➡️ When I work out I don’t workout with the identity of “I am working towards being an athlete” or “One day when I am fit enough I can get back into competing”.  I AM the athlete. I draw my line in the sand, decide who I am, and take action from there.  

The working towards version & the I AM NOW version are making very different decisions. An athlete or CEO isn’t saying “I just don’t feel like it today” or “I don’t have the energy to show up”.

They move.

You need to decide what the future you knows & make those moves now to collapse the time you know you are meant to collapse.

Life is short.

No one is guaranteed any amount of time.

So, really, what are you waiting for?





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