Unconscious Activations in the Bodygraph (Human Design)

Nov 22, 2022


Ra: “I never want to see a Gate or aspect described in isolation again”.

Ra Uru Hu was very strict in how he desired Human Design to be taught, and it was never about breaking you down into pieces or bumper sticker quotes.

While to share aspects online I break the bodygraph into pieces it is critical to understand that you simply CANNOT understand your design simply as a 2nd line, as a Manifestor, as a Genius to Freak.  It is how that aspect plays a role in the WHOLE that matters.

You are not any ol’ Generator, Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector.  You are a highly individuated being with a unique energetic imprint on how to navigate life, business, & wealth on this plane.

An important aspect of your awakening is living out your definition.  A sticky point with this, however, is that you don’t consciously identify with the unconscious aspect of your design..

This is where working with someone who understands how to synthesize your chart helps with collapsing time!

The unconscious activations mean you are literally not identified with it- “I don’t think this is me but it keeps happening to me”.

This is part of the deepest work within your journey with Human Design, harmonizing the unconscious & conscious aspects of self.  One of my mentors at the IHDS said “When you harmonize your profile lines it is like riding a magic carpet ride through life”.  Of course, profile is only one aspect of the conscious & unconscious aspects of self!

The conscious (black) is who you think you are because you can identify with it.  The unconscious will feel like it is something happening to you, or something out of your control.  Understanding how both impact you, and how to work with the energetics, will completely change the game for you!

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